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It is all Rock and Roll. We are a Rock band with 5 part
harmony. We do have an 80's Rock feel. Some people say it is AOR(Adult
Oriented Rock). Ou
Don't Know Why
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Please visit TUSK @ http://www.tuskonline.com to find out more about us. Please sign our guestbook!!! Thanks, Tony, John, Jason, The Road to Rock is a retrospective look at the history of rock 'n roll performed by rock group Tusk. Throughout the journey you'll experience songs documenting nearly every era of rock music, from the beginnings with Elvis and the Beatles to the hard sounds of Led Zeppelin to the 80s sounds of Billy Idol. In addition to the many amazing tribute performances, you'll also be treated to the original sounds of Tusk. Fans of rock are sure to find The Road to Rock to be a shining addition to the Branson live music scene.
Band/artist history
Band Name TUSK Area of Origin Southeast Kansas Musical Style Rock Band Members Tony Turner - Lead Vocals John Turner - Bass Guitar & Vocals Jason Turner - Drums & Vocals Description & Background Info A unique blend of Blues / Funk / Contemporary / Rock music stylings with strong vocal melodies & harmonies. Tusk was officially formed April 1st, 2003 in Independence, Kansas. At that time, the founding members of the group formed their own record label "Mammoth Music". Immediately after the group was formed, the single "American Soldier" was written and recorded. The single was then publicly released at the 1011th Army Reserve Benefit on Saturday, May 10th in Independence, KS. The single, which includes 2 other songs"One Night Only" and "Close", is being played all over the Midwest and on the East coast on over 1000 radio stations. On June 8th, 2003, the band was able to purchase it's first tour bus. The band now has more than a dozen original songs, and is looking to record their full album in 2004. New Album Information CD: Joyride (Full CD) 2004 New Album Information CD: American Soldiers (Single) Release Date: 5/10/2003 Recording: The Red Barn - Neodesha, KS Engineering & Mixdown: Chapman Studios - Kansas City, MO Produced By: Tusk / Mammoth Music All songs 2003 Mammoth Music, Inc. All songs written, arranged, and performed by Tusk except: "Close" - written and arranged by Farren, Mac, Hector; performed by Tusk. Background Info Tusk writes and performs a unique blend of powerful Rock songs that combine hook-heavy music and melodies with intricate harmonies. Their tight musicianship is represented in their new CD single American Soldier. Tusk not only writes and performs their own original songs, but also has a long list of cover tunes they perform. These natives of Kansas are beginning to play and headline some of the main stream clubs and non-profit benefits as well in the Midwest Tusk can be booked with bands of many different styles and can perform two 40 minute sets of original material and one set of cover material. Member Bios Tony Turner (Lead Vocals) Throughout the years Tony Turner has made his living on the stage. Starting with Musicals and Revues at 7 years old, he moved onto bands at the young age of 12. Touring with his family at first Tony then found his way to his own music. Just Kidding, After Dark and Ember Dawn brought him a lot of stage time, yet Tony found himself traveling the world with a Revue Show for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Continuing to try to boost his solo career, Tony realized that the only way he would be happy is singing original music with his brothers. Tony has now joined back up with his brothers and friends and created "TUSK". John Turner: (Bass Guitar/Vocals) John started very young at age 5 playing bluegrass music with his family. However, it did not take long to see that Rock music was in his blood. He tried to escape the road by playing various styles of music. Yet the music would eventually grab him and throw John back in the heat of things. After performing with T-N-T and The Stand, which were both gospel groups, he tried country music with West Wind. Playing with the group Lizards made John realize rock music is where he belonged. His son Brison enjoyed seeing his Dad on the stage. When John found out that his brothers were wanting to start a band, John asked his son "Would you like to seem me play music with your Uncles again?". Brison then repeated John's motto: No Goals, No Glory! .. Jason Turner: (drums/vocals) Pots and pans started this young man's career. Before Jason could talk, he was keeping time on anything in site. It did not take long to make those rhythms come to life on his own drum set at age 5. He did not play alone for very long. He would join up with many bands throughout his childhood including Viper and Quasi Modo. Going back to his gospel / country roots, Jason joined the band Predator. Live music could only take Jason so far, so he started playing for Rocky Records as a session drummer. He worked on many projects there, including an up and coming country artist named Garret True. His recording career took him to Florida, where he joined a team of musicians at Star Light Studios In Tampa, FL. Once hearing that his brothers were putting together a new band, He picked up everything and moved back home to Kansas to erect the band "TUSK". WEBSITES http://www.tuskonline.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have been extremely fortunate to play live most weekends since we formed, Tusk set out to entertain and we are happiest performing. Many special moments, Doing some Worthwhile Charitable events and playing in Tribute to Our American Soldiers. Although TUSK loves to record, we are a live band and love it. We try and have concerts in a wide range of places but recently it has been in the midwest. We returned to our home town last October and we were very pleased with the turn out. We played at the same time as a signed act who has been around for a while. They only had about 300 people there and we had 4,000 chanting fans. It felt good.
Your musical influences
It is all Rock and Roll. We are a Rock band with 5 part harmony. We do have an 80's Rock feel. Some people say it is AOR(Adult Oriented Rock). Our Rock is more like the 80's Rock because we have a keyboard and harmony. Most bands today have left one or the other out. We are sending a message with most of our music so we want people to understand the words. As far as influences on our writing it would be a combination of Europe, Elton John, and Metallica.
Anything else?
http://www.tuskonline.com We would just also like to thank TUSK fans for staying loyal and large. We are busy getting things set up here in a new town and our fans have been amazing. From TUSK to you THANK YOU.
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