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Time Bandit
Time Bandit
23 Tracks
50s and 60s Ballards,Rock'n'Roll Rock'a'billy, covers bit of doo wop couple of my own songs
A Teenager In Love
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All I Have To Do Is Dream
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Blue Moon
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Earth Angel
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I'd Love You To Want Me
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My stuff was never intended to be heard by anyone outside of close friends and family, i am not a singer and make no claims to be, but if i dont do it no one else will.
Band/artist history
Six piece 60s cover band first Called "Ready Steady Go" (1984 - 1985) then "The Generation Gap" (1985 - 1989) Then "The Rockabilly Titans" (1994 - 1996) Then, B.J. & The Boppers(1996 - 2004) "The Time Bandit"(2004 - 2013) End Of History.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yep, still going but under the name of "The Rockabilly Titans" Recently renamed "B.J. & the boppers" But i also do stuff solo under the name "The Time Bandit"i love playing live. Every gig is special and i also remember a lot of embarrasing stuff to, ahhh. Sometimes after a gig (When i was with my band "The Generation Gap" we would be packing away and our singer Graeme Lythgoe would do a song or two without any assistance at all, no mic or band,no "amplification" of any kind, it was quite special to hear just what an excellent singer he was, it made packing up a bit easier and he often got the longest and loudest applause of the night and quite rightly to! At one time when we had temporarally split up, i got Eric Haydock from "The Hollies" to play Bass for us, that was somthing a bit special, thank you Eric.
Your musical influences
1950s / 60s ballards, Hank Marvin,Rock'n'Roll
What equipment do you use?
Carlsbro Stingray Pro, Carlsbro Marlin 300, Wem Copicat ic300, zoom 707II, Fender Stratocaster (Blackie) Suzuki Semi Acoustic Gibson Les Paul. Carlsbro Bass.
Anything else?
Just to say thanks to Andrew Fisher who got us started, he and his pal who loand us our first equipment free of charge for about a year, and were our first managers and we repayed their generosity by sacking them when our singer found another managment company, just for the record i voted to keep you. just as i voted to keep Marie. And also to my mate Dave "Ted" Lockey, who taught me my first chords and told me i would never be a guitarist, i'm still not sure if he was right or wrong lol
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