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Jon Worley
original indigenous folk acid funk blues
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a moment of emotional release where compassion and reality meet
wild eyed lunatics
straight head fingerpickin folk.
13 mile to mo town
stomp your feet and listen to me crawl on my belly through broken glass and and then brush my teeth with barbed wire. If I don't leave here I'm gonna blow off my pinkie toe.
she may be lean
face of the snake
spontanious jam that erupted after three days in the studio.
My music is an eclectic mix of roots, folk, blues,and soul music. I duct tape together ensembles of musicians depending on the piece or the gig, so you never know what accompaniment I might have on any given song or performance.
Band/artist history
I come from the back woods buckle of the bible belt other wise know as Morristown tn. Within a 30 mile radius of my house in hamblen county, bluegrass was born, dolly parton developed, and bands such as superdrag and weezer silently fermented. In the black fertile earth of this southern cauldron something happened to my young consciousness. It was systematically ejected to places unknown and forced to develop completely autonamousily. There I stumbled in frustration until I found the light. This particular light happened to be a nervous breakdown on top of a babygrand piano while in the throws of a really bad vitamin experiment. Needless to say it's been an interesting 7 year journey since.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I will play any where they will not beat me with sticks. I opened up for Dave Grisman and Tony Rice at the terrapin hill harvest festival in KY in front of 5,000 people.
Your musical influences
woody gutherie, ani defranco, ben harper, bob dylan, t-bone walker, sly and the family stone, counting crows, greatfuldead, the list could go on forever
What equipment do you use?
1971 fender rhodes keyboard, 1966 wurlitzer keyboard, alvarez accoustic and as many lee oskar harmonica's as I can get my hands on
Anything else?
Jon Worley’s Grass Roots Original American Indigenous Folk Music Singer-songwriter Jon Worley, an east Tennessee native beats down the same dusty folk rock roads following the footsteps of his predecessors, Dylan, Guthrie, Havens, and Cocker, carrying with him and his music the heart and soul our indigenous American culture. He works to combine flares of blues, jazz, folk, bluegrass, funk, along with an African/Appalachian style that captures the essence of true musical revival. His voice is unbridled allowing his “one man show” to keep a fast pace combining percussive rhythmic guitar, keyboard, and harp. With all the pent up emotion of a slam poet, Worley captures the hearts and minds of audiences captivating and evoking them into experiencing the Worley journey. After seven years of living as a wayfaring stranger Jon’s connection to the listener remains to be his vehicle of expression and motivation, allowing him to be a “shot to the mainline.” Jon writes about what he knows and that’s the people. His music touches the common man fusing the feelings of a downtrodden generation standing apart from popular culture and prepackaged music. Current and Upcoming Work experience: “The Terrapin Music Festival”, KY; September 26 - 8, 2003 Berea College, “Red Brick Concert Series”, September 11, 2003 “High on Rose”, Lexington, KY; Wednesday, August 27, 2003 “The Downtown”, Morristown, TN, Friday, August 22, 2003 “The Front Porch”, Cosby, TN; August 2003 “TGI Friday’s Bar party” Lexington, KY; July 2003 “Sassy Ann’s”, Knoxville, TN; July 2003 “The Front Porch”, Cosby, TN; July 2003 “Washington DC Area Yoga Convention” Hartford, TN; July 2003 “Harry’s Cajun Blues Bar” Hyannis, MA; July 2003 “The Jeannie Johnson, Boston”, MA; July 2003 “Subway system” Boston, MA; July 2003 “The Ryde” Richmond, KY; July 2003 “American Roots Festival”, Morristown, TN; July 2003 “Buddha Belly”, Richmond, KY; June 2003 “The Ryde”, Richmond, KY; June 2003 “Manhattans”, Knoxville, TN; June 2003 “The Downtown”, Morristown, TN; June 2003 “Java Garden”, Morristown, TN; June 2003 “Smokey Mountain Grill”, Newport, TN; June 2003 “Higher Grounds”, Morristown, TN; June 2003 “Berea College”, Berea, KY; May 2003 Previous starving experience: “Java Jazz” Jefferson city, tn “barley’s tap room” Knoxville, tn “McGee’s Irish pub” Knoxville, tn “spicy’s on the strip” Knoxville, tn “java in the old city” Knoxville, tn “down home” Johnson city, tn “tweetch and jeeters” Jonesborough, tn “be here now” Ashville, nc “smokehouse grill” Morristown, tn “main street coffee house” Morristown, tn “Guilford college” greenesborough, nc “Flat rock folk festival” flat rock, nc “Downtown Morristown Summer bash” Morristown, tn “panther creek bluegrass festival” Morristown, tn Radio play “88.7 wncw” spindale, nc “89.5 wets” Johnson city, tn “94.3” Knoxville, tn “1100 wcrk” Morristown, tn “1300 wmtn” Morristown, tn “ 1270 wlik” Newport, tn “100.3 the river” Knoxville, tn Contact info: Jon Worley at cornbreadblues@hotmail.com home phone 865-689-7614 For Mp3's http://www.soundclick.com/bands/6/jonworleymusic.htm
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