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Psychedelic speed funk with a twist of punk, metal, jazz-grunge & soul
Let them find
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Psychedelic speed funk with a twist of punk,metal,jazz-grunge & soul. A kick ass 3 piece with balls the size of Jupiter.
Band/artist history
1986 3D Echo started in September by founder members Rob Clydesdale & Paul Davidson. 1987 Recorded song for local compilation album 1988 First album recorded. Song from that album featured on a single that came free with a magazine called House of dolls 1989 3D Echo support Big Country at the Cambridge Corn Exchange courtesy of Ian Grant ( Grant Edwards Management ) Also supported Then Jericho Appeared in promo video featuring 3 other rock bands called Lucky for some 1990 Isaac Prevost joined the band in 1990 after various line up changes. 1991 12 single released Support tour around colleges in England Played various Showcases and met up with Producer Nick Tauber ( Thin Lizzy, Marillion, Soupdragons, Toyah ) 1992 Writing & recording, including a session with Nick Tauber & gigging. 1993 Recorded 4 track EP at Queens Mountain Studios, Montreux, Switzerland with Producer Dave Richards ( Queen, Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, David Bowie) Session musicians for David Bowie on Buddha of Suburbia ( Hanif Koresh) album released along with the BBC TV series. 1994 Appeared on BBC Radio Cardiff & Shropshire ( interviews & performance ) Performed live at Montreux Jazz Festival which was covered by European TV & Radio stations. Appeared live on James Whale show ( Channel 4 ) 1995 Recorded single Win some Lose some in Matrix Studios with Nick Tauber. Toured all over England & Wales 1996 Writing, recording & gigging. 1997 Recorded Sign album in Soundville Studios, Lucerne, Switzerland with Producer Dominik Tarqua. ( David Bowie, Brian Eno ) 2000 Signed a contract for 1 year with Cyber Records. 2001 Recorded Circutheosodomognosis Cyber Records disolved. 2002 Recorded EP Buzz Junkie 2003 Concentrating on getting the music out there. 2 Tracks from Buzz Junkie to be used on Chilli Peppers Documentary due to be released December 3 Tracks from Sign album used on end of season videos for 1st division football clubs Sideshow played on Hertbeat FM Pulse Festival New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich Showcase Bush Hall, Shepherds Bush Tour of South West Wales Gigs
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we love playing live & have done for over 15 yrs.One of the most special moments was playing the montreux jazz fest.
Your musical influences
Frank Zappa,The Police, Hendrix, Elvis, The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chili Peppers