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There is truth and there are lies Outside of that is noise626 Forever pushing the boundaries of ambient gothic art rock. Music from the Other Side
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noise626 is a tour de force in electronic/ambient/progressive rock unlike anything you may have heard. And in this era of cookie cutter bands putting out cookie cutter music, it's a wonder to see sounds influenced by the progressive rock of the past and the electronic based music of the present. Together, it represents a new era of rock music. And it's music to your ears. Firstly, much love, blessings and thanks for all the hard work, sleepless nights, and unending support to Joshywa and Pharoahmoan Productions! You have no idea how much you make my day brighter! Front page photo by the amazing noise626 music can be purchased at the following online stores: CD Baby is my mainline for our CDs :) But wait! That's not all! You can also purchase individual tracks from these fine folks: and, of course, right here on Soundclick! Thank you kindly for listening... Stay strong! pax ant
Band/artist history
The story of noise626 began in 1991, when a then young guitarist named Ant Graham was asked by a more than unusual gothic rock band called Mime of Sin and Repent to join their merry lot. He did, and in the year that followed learned many things. He learned the joy of performing, and joy of writing music with a brilliant, if somewhat mad lyricist, the joy of playing with a truly astonishing band and how all of those things can go wrong. It was a great and terrible time. And in the end, it soon became apparent that he could no longer tread the boards with the Mime, but before leaving the band, he did have the opportunity to meet a wondrous keyboardist and bassist named Brent Heinze. This would prove very, very important as time went on. For eight years, Ant stayed away from his guitar, and instead tried his hand at learning how MIDI music worked on his PC; he, in fact, began recording an all MIDI cassette under the name Noise Inc that he had designs for as an underground release. But, his personal life took a turn for the weird, and he was never able to follow up on it. Woe is him. Cut to 1999. He began writing songs again on his acoustic guitar. Not having any real ideas of releasing it, mind you. Just something to pass the time. He had always written poetry that was well received, but had never really thought of doing much with it (aside from a few spoken word shows here and there). For a year he wrote, until he had filled three notebooks full of random musings and brain droppings. Then, in 2000, during a chance meeting with the aforementioned Mr. Heinze, he accepted a gig to lay down some acoustic guitar tracks for Brent's band, Christus Christus, who had just gotten signed and who's leader, an enigmatic fellow named S. Murray Solida, wanted to try something different. And what started as a one off job playing a little guitar ended up as a membership in one of the most aggressively creative, mind altering and downright earth wobbling bands in existence, Christus and The Cosmonaughts (notice the name change). And, not only that, but he was given a chance to record an album of his own. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, he set to it, reworked the original name of Noise Inc to a more soothing moniker of noise626 and transformed a few scratchy acoustic recordings into something called Ambient Progressive Rock. Muscular and challenging like prog rock, but eerie and melodic like ambient goth, the final result, the CD on sale at www.noise626.com. Since then, he has released two more albums; A Thin Cold Line in 2004, and the brand new highly anticipated An Infinite Shade of Gray in 2006 And that's just the beginning....
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I try to do a show a month, mostly around my home town of Colorado Springs. But lately, I've been performing more and more in Denver. I absolutely love playing live! The audiences have been great and the other bands I have played with have been inspiring.
Your musical influences
Pink Floyd Roger Waters Genesis War Marvin Gaye New Model Army Curtis Mayfield Peter Gabriel Legendary Pink Dots The Cure David Bowie Velvet Underground Bruce Springsteen Marillion Bauhaus
What equipment do you use?
I finally got my setup how I want it (kinda):) Here goes: For the Studio (The Valley of Noise) Oberheim GM-1000 guitar effects processor Focusrite Platinum Penta Behringer T1952 Tube Composer TC Powercore Element Mackie UAD-1 M-Audio 410 soundcard Sonar 5 Producer Edition Project 5 Orion Platinum A host of plugins :) Behringer UB1622FX-Pro mixer Behringer Truth B2031 studio monitors Behringer FBQ1502 Ultragraph Pro EQ Vox Pathfinder 15w Amp Focus 420s Bass Guitar Ovation Celebrity Acoustic Guitar Rogue Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Rogue Standard Mandolin a Shakuhachi AT2020 Microphone 2 MXL 990 mics 2 MXL 991 mics A PPA LD1 mic A Sound Percusssion 5 pc Drum Kit Pulse Rototoms PRS Tremonti SE Guitar Alesis QS 6.2 synthesizer Sennheiser 835 microphone Shure 57 mic ART 2 channel Valve TRS mic preamp and some other stuff lying around somewhere :)
Anything else?
I cannot tell you how happy I am at the emergence of the internet in the promotion of music. What a grand adventure! Keep it up!
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