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Good ol' Rock n Roll, guitar driven, Hammondized, synthesized power blues with a taste of experimental electronica.
It's really just me now over 50. I write and perform my own stuff and love every minute of it, for me it's about the music and my ability to express myself. I'm never in a rush to finish things, I spend my time just loving being able to make my music when I please. I know I can't sing but I don't let it bug me much, I figure if anyone wants to take a swing at singing some of my tunes let's rock.
Your musical influences
I think as a guitarist Gary Moore, Brian May, Ritchie Blackmore, Mick Taylor, Uli Jon Roth and Michael Schenker were my biggest influences. As a song writer definately Alice cooper, Gary Moore, Queen and Queensryche.
What equipment do you use?
Guitar: ... Warmoth hardtail strat with 2 EMG Humbuckers and homemade stratoblaster replica, Daion Power Mark XX With Duncans, Artec QDD2 pre-amp and Artec BCU active tone control, Jackson Kelly with Duncan MT Black outs , ESP MG-350FR with EMGs, 18v and an EMG PA-2 pre-amp, ESP MH-750 with EMGs and PA-2 pre-amp, Ibanez RG 1550 Prestige, Ovation CS257 acoustic, Warmoth Z-body custom built baritone with two Seymour Duncan P-rails, 1 Seymour Duncan mini JB wired series/split/parallel also equipped with an Artec QDD2 pre-amp. Mesa/Boogie SOB 100/60 watt head, Egnater Rebel 20, FRENZEL FM - DP1 Dual Pro One custom built handwired tube guitar pre-amp (with a two watt class A output tube) , FRENZEL FM - DP1 Dual Pro One Hi-gain custom built handwired tube guitar pre-amp (with a two watt class A output tube and a RAW switch) Frenzel Champ Super Sportster, Jet City 50 watt head, THD Yellow Jackets (pentode), Marshall Stereo Tube pre-amp, POD 2.0, POD XT Live, SansAmp GT2, Home built TS replica with mods, Boss CH-1, MXR Dist +, Digitech Screaming Blues, OD2 custom home built TS OD clone from BYOC, custom home built Brian Mat Treble Booster, Fulltone Fulldrive 2, Boss NS-2, Radial ABY box, Radial re-amper, SansAmp Bass Driver Ted Weber Mini Mass Attenuator, Weber Mass 3 Attenuator, Crate 4x12 Slant cab with Celestion G35s, !x12 with 50 watt Celestion, Modded Jet City iso cab, handmade (by me) 12/11 hammered dulcimer with 2 piezo pick-ups. Soundcards:...Presonus Firestudio Project, Presonus Firestudio 26/26, Edirol Ua5 Music software : ...Samplitude Pro X2 Suite, FL810 Producer, Sonar 5, Adobe Audition 2.0, Ext, Native Instruments B4II, AAS StrinStudio, impOSCar, Minimonsta, Oddity, M-tron, Sytrus, Waspxt, VSampler 3.5, Pure Basses Volume 1 & 2, Jamstix2, DrumKit From Hell Superior, Drumkit From Hell 1, Jamstix 3, Voxengo Voxformer, Voxengo Crunchessor, Voxengo Elephant2, Voxengo Pristing lite, Voxengo Lampthrustor, Antares Autotune 4, Antares Avox suite. NI Guitar Rig 4, Waves GTR 3.5, IK AT3.5, Yellow Tools Independence 3.0 pro. Keyboard: ... Edirol PCR-5O Controller, Roland A33 Contoller, Roland XP-10. Alesis QSR, M-Audio Venom Synth, Akai MPK49 Controller Rack:.. Aphex Aurel Exciter, Alesis Midiverb 4, Peavey Delta Effects, Presonus Blue Tube Pre-amp, Rack Rider, Monster Cable Power supply, ISP Decimater ProRock G NR, Lexicon MX-400 multi effects processor, 360 Systems 8x8 midi patcher. Monitoring:...Tannoy Protoj monitors, 2 pair Beyer Dynamic DT770 headphones, Audio Technica ATHmf40 headphones and Sony MDR7506 Headphones. Mics:...Sennheiser e906, Akai ACM 80, MXL V67 mic, MXL 909, Shure SM57, Gauge ECM-87, Gauge ECM-58, pair of Gauge ECM-84 Stealth and NOS R5 ribbon mic. Dedicated audio PC: Processor 3.50GHz Intel Core i7-3770K (Ivy Bridge) 4 processing cores 8 processing threads 5GT/s DMI speed 8MB Smart Cache Memory 8GB DDR3-1600 Dual Channel (2 x 4GB) 4 memory slots / 2 used Graphics Dual Display Graphics Card (HD5450) Graphics Chip Powered by ATI Radeon HD 5450 Video Memory: 512MB DDR3 Max Resolution: 2560 x 1600 Dual Display: DVI+VGA Operating System Windows 7 Pro 64-bit Includes a genuine Microsoft installation disc Includes a PCAL System Image Restore DVD Hard Drive Storage Primary: 500GB SATA2 16MB Buffer Size, 7200rpm, 3Gb/s Audio Files: 1TB SATA2 32MB Buffer Size, 7200rpm, 3Gb/s Sample Library: 1TB SATA2 32MB Buffer Size, 7200rpm, 3Gb/s Optical Drive Samsung 22x CD/DVD Dual Layer Burner Includes Nero Essentials for CD/DVD burning Connections 10 USB 2.0, 4 USB 3.0 USB 2.0: 6 front ports, 4 rear ports USB 3.0: 4 rear ports 2 FireWire 400 (6 pin) 1 front port, 1 rear port 1 eSATA port --- Samsung 22" widescreen monitor and Presonus Firestudio soundcard
Anything else?
During the 90's up till now I have spent my time learning to write, engineer and produce my own music. I have a nicely equipped home studio and am constantly perfecting my guitar playing as well as have coming into my own as keyboardist.
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