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Flow Fetz
Flow Fetz
40 Tracks
Hey Guys , I make hip hop music for a while now and I am soully focused on creating high vibrational music. Which shall uplift the listener. Keep in mind that m
FlowfetZ - Rocky 528 The Satori State - 17 Edes Ha
Peak in sub-genre #22
FlowfetZ - Rocky 528 The Satori State - 15 Th 603
Peak in sub-genre #21
FlowfetZ - Rocky 528 The Satori State - 15 The Bar
FlowfetZ - Rocky 528 The Satori State - 14 Sincron
FlowfetZ - Rocky 528 The Satori State - 13 The Bes
In trei Limbi X 3 Nyelven X In 3 LanguageZ ( O
Born In Hungary Szekesfehervar, Raised In Romania Targu Mures. My Name Is Gal Ferenc Zsolt , And At the age of 14 I started to get in the beatmaking lifestyle, Ever since then I also fell in lovce with a lot of dope west coast East coast Artists. Such As Nas , Dr Dre, Marshall Matters , Dj Quick ,Xzibit, Luniz. The List Goes On . And I started producing my own beats, so that In time I would learn to sing/rap to them . By the Age of 20 I was freestyling like a madman, and producing on a daily . Mostly for myself. By The Age Of 24 I got In more serious so I built A Home studio in which I could Record. Now I Have 5 Major Mixtapes in which I have a lot of dope content ,that was Inspired by The World and My Home Town "Targu Mures" Dear Listener. I also produce beats for others, So If You happen to find something you like. Dont just download it , contact me here : echopro11@gmail.com So that We Can Work On It Like A champ :) Cheers
Band/artist history
Flow Fetz Is my artist name and it is Flow Because I flow like crazy, Fast Or sLow. Flow fetz Is An Archtype Who mastered lyricism, Wordplay And Crazy Choppy Flows throughout the years. Lets Play . Flow Fetz Loves to Perform , On Stages, In Cars By His Self In the Living Room ,And In The Bedroom. Flow Fetz Is A Crazy Loving Caracter Who Took Life By The Balls so that He Can Make The Best Music. That Uplifsts The Listener And Cures You From Anxiety :))
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have performed to more then 1500 People. And I am pretty active in the game. I love Meeting new people , and performing to a big crowd, The Energy Is Better Then Drugs . So Lets Get Busy And creative already :))
Your musical influences
Every Lyrical, musical artist known to the game, but If I have To Classify then ... Tech N9ne Would be the First On The List Logic Dr Dre Snoop Dogg Marshall Matters ,The List Goes On ....
What equipment do you use?
My Laptop :P I know How To play a lot of instruments when I get In Teh Zone But I dont need big equippment to create quality. I learned that early . My Voice Is My Biggest Jewel .
Anything else?
I Love Smoking Good Quality Ganja Before During And After Recording/Producing. It Gets You In the Zone.
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