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Vinnie DePolo
2 Tracks
Acoustic and Electric Pop-Rock.
Cleveland or Boston
Peak in sub-genre #61
Pictures of You
Peak in sub-genre #83
Artist description: Singer/songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio who also plays acoustic guitar and drums. His style is best described as Acoustic and Electric Pop-Rock.
Band/artist history
A singer/songwriter originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Vinnie DePolo has a musical career that spans the 70's, 80's and 90's. Trained as a percussionist, Vinnie played drums for numerous Cleveland-area rock bands in the 70's before moving to Los Angeles to perform on the then-nurturing singer-songwriter club circuit. Vinnie later returned to Cleveland, playing in several original musical projects, some of which featured his original songs. Moving to Boston in the late 80's, Vinnie played drums in several bands, before hooking up with George Franks, Ray Boyce and Lori Martin to form the Returnables, who in 1992 released the CD entitled "Red" (which reached #1 on WFNX's "Boston Rocks" chart) and were selected as a semi-finalist in the 1992 Tanqueray Rocks Annual Talent Contest. Throughout all these projects, Vinnie continued to write and record his own original material, most of which has been captured on the CD entitled "Greetings from Cleveland, Ohio".
Your musical influences
The Beatles, Mid-West Power-Pop (Rasberries, MSB, Cheap Trick), So. Cal Pop (Eagles, Jackson Browne)
Anything else?
Group members: Vinnie DePolo Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals; Ray Boyce Guitars, Background Vocals; Mark Oceanero Lead Guitar, Background Vocals; George Franks Bass; Bob Williams - Keyboards. Discography: Greetings from Cleveland, Ohio (CD): 2001