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Chamber-Made Brigade
Chamber-Made Brigade
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Chamber-Made Brigade sings Celtic, Country, and Rock Ballads. We write our own songs and love to perform.
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The Ballad of Mike Moran
Peak position #36
Our Nights Were Wild and Long
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Our latest single, "Who's Next?" is a fitting sequel to "The Ballad of Mike Moran", performed by The Chamber-Made Brigade. After the tremendous success of our international hit, we were inspired to pay tribute to our armed forces deployed on their brave and dangerous mission to defend our freedom. We hope that our little tunes empower our troops abroad and our citizens at home. After the events of September 11, 2001, we watched New York fireman, Mike Moran grab hold of the microphone on the night of the Paul McCartney/VH1 benefit in New York, we felt the outrage he expressed when he challenged Osama bin Laden to kiss his "royal Irish ass" and we felt had to do something to support that sentiment. At a time when the whole world was struggling to understand the meaning of these senseless and horrific acts of cowardice, Mike stood tall and offered a bold statement of total defiance, which inspired us to put his words to music. The song has brought both tears and laughter to those who have heard it. It is our sincere hope that you will sing along with The Chamber-Made Brigade as loudly as you can to let the world know that the spirit of America will never be broken and that our heroes will never be forgotten.
Band/artist history
Formed after 9-11 to record a song we wrote that was aired on 1100 stations. "The Ballad of Mike Moran"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Love to play the guitar, on the lookout for Celtic Rock influences these days
Your musical influences
Charlie Daniels, Marty Robbins, Mac Davis, Andrew Lloyd Webber, The Eagles
What equipment do you use?
Mesa Boogie Amps, AdrenaLinn II sound boxes, Digital performer, Korg Triton Studio keys
Anything else?
We support our troops wherever they are!
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