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42 Eternal
42 Eternal
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An indie-rock/alternative/pop-punk band very passionate about playing music.
42 Eternal is an Indie-Punk band from Phoenix, AZ; all of whose members have recently graduated from Deer Valley High School and are now rocking it at their respective colleges. Dan Rojas sings and plays bass, Steven Simpson plays guitar, Megan Ramos is the cello player, and Derek Johnson plays drums. 42 Eternal has a six-song EP entitled "The Circle," as well as a few other demos and unreleased tracks.
Band/artist history
42 Eternal began as a duo in the summer of 2003. Spencer Reynolds and Dan Rojas recorded an untitled three song acoustic demo and handed it out en masse after their former enterprise, , came to an end. The full band began writing new songs and eventually recorded a five song demo with producer Byron Filson entitled "Through the Night". Later, 42 Eternal reformed with drummer , cellist , guitarist , and bass/vocalist , and released their debut EP "The Circle." 42 is currently writing new material and playing various shows throughout Arizona.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
42 Eternal has played acoustic shows at coffee shops such as It's A Grind and The Coffee Beanery here in AZ, as well as full-band shows at The Clubhouse, Venue of Scottsdale, The Modified Arts, and The Brickhouse. It's a great experience to play live and we hope to continue doing so for the rest of our lives.
Your musical influences
Each member has their own influences, which is what makes the band so versatile. Derek has many different interests such as hardcore, grunge and punk. Dan's favorite bands are Motion City Soundtrack and Blink182; but has also been influenced by bands like Everclear, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Ben Folds, and Radiohead.
What equipment do you use?
We use Gibson, Fender, and Martin guitars; Schecter Basses; Ampeg/Peavey amplifiers; and Yamaha Drums.
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