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Blu August
Blu August
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Blu August is a artist on da rize outta Killeen, TX 254 my mixtape Code L.U.P.E. The 204 Theory is TBD as of right now but I have recorded over a variety of pro
Whut it Dew Soundclick this Blu August and you are now without knowing bearing witness to "the changing of the guard". I wana say thank you in advance for support shown through friend adds, comments on tha board, comments and ratings on tha musik, and juss general conversation. Lets make this musik happen, lets push ourselves every damn day to go Hard for whut we believe in. TRILL4EVA
Band/artist history
I'm fresh in. I'm a solo act. and I'm not signed to a major or independent label. I have no stacked affilations. Just lil ol me representing Killeen, Texas. Blu August is a solo artist. My 1st solo mixtape is TBD as of now for a particular date, but I really hope God aligns my Stars so I can drop my project completely mastered and finished by Late Summer
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've had a couple events at the local Music Vault in my city, tha cookoo's nest, sum joint in Waco fa 2012 new years show.
Your musical influences
Crown Royal Black, Life, Pain, Happiness, Injustice, Weed, Pills, everything that has happen to me or to the ones i've cared about has influenced me. Music has just been the destined outlet for me to express my desires.
What equipment do you use?
Pen, Pad, & MIC
Anything else?
Since you found my page, make ya presence felt I love constant interaction with musicheads from different genres. I chop it up about wateva topic and esp Musik so come through and hear sum guud tunes, dope lyrics, and more importantly collabarations. I juss plugged my homiez from ILLDAMOST witt a track for there upcoming album. I take this musik serious so if I put 1000% in my own musik to promote myself jus know I'm gunna dedicate tha same, if not more effort into any artist that wants to work with me on a song.
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