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The most wicked and sadistic rap group in exsistance. Were misfits with twisted intensions...
Alright Yall, heres the deal. My name is Johnny Dead and I got mad ideas. For those of you thats never heard of WTP, let me fill you in. Back in the day there were two of us, me and this cat Stabb. We played mad shows, everywhere from Amnesias, the Metro, Mr. Mc Guils , Myrons, Brownies, Bleachers, Bridge Street Music Hall, Ambrosias, Sweets on the Beach, and Angels. All in the central New York area. Anyway, we dropped our first album in 2003, Thee Asylum and I promise you, it is nothing like youve heard before. Either way, we pushed the envelope, and got Thee Asylum in FYE, Barns & Noble, www.Towerrecords.com, Sound Garden, and The Last Unicorn. We were even in the FYEs in five different states. Thee Asylum has a total of 24 tracks, however four of them are blank. After the release of the second album, Thy Calm, I released the four missing tracks for free on my website, at shows, and to anybody that I see walking down the street that I think would appreciate them. One of the last songs on Thee Asylum is called The Storm Is Coming. The Storm Is Definitly COMMING. However, me and Stabb went our separate ways and things changed. The Storm is the next of the series and again, will be unlike anything youve ever heard. Thats a good thing to some people, but Ive come to realize, that a majority of people out there, dont broaden their horizons when it comes to music. If they cant relate it to another artist, whether mainstream or underground, they tend to brush it off. Either way, Im still here. Thy Calm is another amazing album boasting sixteen tracks. On the sleeve in the jewel box, when you open up the CD says This album is about life, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The STORM, however, will be about death.
Band/artist history
As I turn these pages, I see familiar faces, and as I look back I lose track of days. So, as I blow these candles out Ill try not to think about whether I live or live without changing my ways. So many promises made and too much weight has been placed, so afraid that I might make mistakes, so I take and I give and I swallow every bit of it, forget and forgive and the rest remains silent. Thats why we never see it coming, and thats the same reason why we got holes in our stomachs. Thats why we spend our whole life running, just trying to find something, because nothing comes from wondering ONEIDA, N.Y. - Two central New York men have recently released their second album Thy Calm. Second in a series of new and original music, the group WTP has created a dark yet inspirational album that reveals the many evils of man. The members of this Hip-Hop duo, Johnny Dead and Stabb, have carefully crafted a unique and powerful music intensive persona. Dead collaborated with Stabb his personal and controversial lifestyle that portrays a chaos that is taking the central New York music audience by storm. WTP has been featured in the Syracuse New Times, an alternative periodical that boast over 200,000 readers, and also in the Syracuse Post Standard, where their previous album received a three out of four star rating. WTP has been played on K-Rock, the #1 radio station targeting 18-27 year old males. The group has also gained acceptance with local college radio stations through interviews and consistent requested air play. Powerful and no stranger to the stage, WTP has new fans pledging their allegiance after each show. With innovative grass-roots marketing, WTP has created an aggressive demand for their stage presence, CD's, and T-shirt orgies. Two people. Their beats and their lyrics. Life as seen through the eyes of the unordinary. For pictures, music, and more information on WTP, please visit the Web site wtpasylum.net.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Most recently, Holloscreams was a Holloween show we did October 30th, 2004, at the Kallet Theater in Oneida,NY, and then Snowed in, which was a Christmas show on December 18th, 2004
Your musical influences
I'm a huge fan of almost everything out there. My personal collection includes everything from Bruce Springstein, Concrete Blonde, ICE-T, to Outcast, the Black Eyed Peas, and Linkin Park. However the Insane Clown Posse anlog with anything by Phycopathic records has found themselves a permenant home in my CD changer. Juggalo for life!
What equipment do you use?
I've used and am currently using, Rolands MC 505, 303, and 808. I also do a lot of scratch recording on the MRS-802B.
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