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Marty Helly
Marty Helly
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Stories of life told by voice, guitar, and assorted toys
Just One More (very rough version)
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Songwriter Blues
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Reflections on a Bottle
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Ice - rough version
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Songwriter Blues
Check out ICE on the music page. Its appropriate this time of year to cool you down. New for 2017: After more than 10 years of performing every Saturday night I've taken some time off to take care of other priorities in life. Rest assured music will always be a priority but gigging every week isn't all its about. Thank you particularly to Bishops, all the patrons, bartenders and managers - it was a fun run. When the time comes to get back on stage it'll be posted on the calendar. ***************** A million life stories written every day, each a song to play, theres so little time. Marty Helly is on the road to experience everything life has to offer and express it in the music he plays. While he loves the complexity of progressive rock and jazz, youre just as likely to find him on stage solo with a guitar and a folk ballad, or at the piano tickling the ivories with a pop standard, or pounding out a driving bass line behind a screaming blues band. I now have a blog
Band/artist history
Marty has been playing music forever. Starting with piano lessons at five and classical guitar before his teens, he moved on to a Strat and school rock bands and then to gigs in club bands and as a soloist. Past projects have literally covered everything from A to Z Acapella choirs to Zeppelin style rock - blues bars to rock shows to coffeehouse folk to church performances. His travels have taken him throughout the U.S. (48 of the 50 states), Canada, Mexico and Europe.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
My live performances in the recent past have been limited to the Northeast - primarily Western Massachusetts but also in Vermont, Connecticut, and New York. Currently I'm taking some time off. The magical moments havent been the bigger shows, or even the paid ones. Among the true highlights: Performing "Take This Job and Shove It" at a Sunday morning church service (and still getting paid!); Serenading the sunrise after an all night party on the Jersey Shore; Singing to the stars with a hundred friends in the natural rock ampitheater on Flagstaf above Boulder, CO.
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