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Horthy or how the pop melodies meet the most advanced electronic tendencies Horthy is presenting their first CD at the moment distributed by Do It Records in Europe and Dryden Records in uSA markets. Do not miss Horthy's next concert!! Always listen to Horthy's music!!
Band/artist history
Horthy starts initially as the solo career by German Ormaechea , active member from the band Grey Souls located in Pamplona, Spain (more than 8 years by Pamplona's local scene as well member from another projects such us Los Hermanos Maravilla or Telefunken). However Horthy very soon is surrounded by recognised local musicians in order to record the songs and play live concerts. Horthy's composition today is as follows: Aitor Berraondo "Dexter Ward" (sintethyzer, percussion, flute), German Ormaechea "Horthy" (sintethyzer, bass, voice, percussion) and Enrique Galdeano "Merak19"(oud, darbuka, violin, percussion) Experimentation with different sounds is the solid base for this musical experience moving from pop melodies towards the most advanced electronic tendencies full of details and creative ideas.. Horthy is always surrounded by video projections in the concerts. The designer Andre Gianzo is creating the needed atmosphere in Horyhys concerts. Video projections are made specially for every song Horthy was found in August 2000 as a concept in order to experiment and apply music to different spectacles (multimedia..etc). Horthy is presenting now their firts album distributed by Do It Records in Europe and Dryden records in the USA Main Topics: * Finalist New music's contest organised by Navarra's Government in 2001 * Live performance together with Dexter Ward in Gracia Territori Sonor LEM 2001 (experimental music festival in Barcelona, Spain) * Winner of "Other musics" contest organised by Navarra's Government in 2002. Award consists of 6000 Euro for recording and distributing a CD together with extra money for musical equipment * Best Song Award received also in "New musics" contest organised by Navarra's Government in 2002 * Finalist in ASTRO/TERRA/TENDERFOOTS contest (10 demos selected out of 1200 presented). * Horthy played live on Friday 20th of September in Madrid (Sala Siroco) * Live session with Terry Francis, The fabric, London and Gerardo Niva, Mondo , Madrid on October 11th 2002 in Artsaia * Finalist at San Adrian Pop Contest (January 2003) * Finalist at Sanguesa Pop Contest (April 2003) * 2nd place with Enrique Galdeano as Merak 19 at "New Music" Contest on April 2003 * Concerts given in Madrid, Barcelona, Gerona during 2002 and 2003 * Expresa Festival November 2003 * Horthy records CD at De Lucas Studios San Sebastian , Spain * Horthy signed with Dryden Records (USA) and Do It Records (Europe)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes very much. We are surrounded by videos, dancers, very special atmosphere. Every concert is different
Your musical influences
What equipment do you use?
Roland 505, Oberheim OB12, Lab top with reason, logic audio, live from ab bleton, DJ equipmkent, bass,
Anything else?
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