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Modern pop-rock with a slight hint of Eighties and Nineties alternative.
Consume Me (new mix)
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Clay (new mix)
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Oldmangrady is a constantly evolving musical project that I torture myself with. There have been several line-up and style changes over the years. For the time being, Oldmangrady is Lee Modlin.
Band/artist history
I started playing piano when I was eleven but never advanced past the intermediate stage. After a couple of failed attempts to learn guitar I bought a keyboard and joined a band called Vital Signs. That name didn't last long and we soon changed the name to All The King's Men. We kept that name as countless band members came and went. Last time I sat down and counted I think that about twenty people played in some form of ATKM. After I quit playing with them I started another ill-named band called Post Metal Syndrome with one of ATKM's former guitar players. I sang in PMS and started to learn guitar on the side. I left PMS when I decided to go to Bible College. While there I formed several short-lived groups. I also picked up a little bit of bass guitar. I moved back home after a year and later formed Oldmangrady with Phil. We had a few line-up changes before I got stuck with the responsibility of being the sole guitar player...a role I was never truly comfortable with...but we managed to write, record and perform. After OMG died down I started singing with some of the kids at my home church. We ended up starting a hard rock band called Ekklesia and actually played quite a bit before they up and quit on me one night after a rather great show. That was several years ago. In the meantime I have finally graduated from Bible College. I've written quite a few songs over the past five or six years that range from folky things to sappy piano ballads but I always seem to come back to three-chord guitar pop. It's what I like...it's what I can play. I'm currently working on some new tunes and I can't think of any other name that would fit...so Oldmangrady is back from the dead...for now.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We would be willing to do some smaller acoustic shows.
Your musical influences
Cheap Trick Nirvana CCR Hank Williams Sr. Social Distortion The Ramones Brett Detar Johnny Cash Tom Petty Jeff Lynne Gin Blossoms Soul Asylum Dustin Kensrue
What equipment do you use?
Taylor 414ce, Jackson Dinky, Vox Valvetronix AD50VT-XL, Jasmine acoustic-electric bass, iPhone
Anything else?
I'm really trying to write songs that honestly examine my faith and how it plays out.
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