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Ethno ambient,tribal ambient, experimental music, new age acoustic guitar
UJJAYA is a french ethno ambient musician with malagasy roots . Fond of indian raga and mysticism,yoga practitioner he actually made several trips to India to collect local musical instruments. Ujjaya plays rythmic meditative music with acoustic instruments and sound effects to create heavily processed drone music. More about him on this interview for Tokafi a german contemporary-ambient music webzine: http://www.tokafi.com/15questions/15-questions-ujjaya/
Band/artist history
Before being an ETHNO AMBIENT one man project UJJAYA was a heavy-psychedelic prog rock band formed in 1993. After having recorded an album "Agamas" in 1995, it split. But the guitarist-founder HERY RANDRIAMBOLOLONA , pursued his carreer , aiming for a more experimental , AMBIENT horizons . In 2004, he keep the band name for his first commercial release.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live anywhere anytime, but mainly in gallery art or public library or any cultural place in general.Any place that I feel inspiring spiritually is the right place.I avoid bar. I play at solstice.
Your musical influences
Steve Roach,Tuu, Jorge Reyes, Robert Rich
What equipment do you use?
India : Saraswati Vina Sitar Tampura Bansuri ( bamboo flute)(différents sizes) Murali (idem) Gopichand (unicord) Murchang (Jaw harp) Dilruba (cross between violon and sitar) Mridangam (ancêtor of tablas) Dholak (two heads drum) Dooghi (little tabla) dagar Drum Jalra (little cymbal) Simple Gatham (named Udu in Africa) Double Gatham Shank (ritual conch) Shruti box China : Bian qin (stone xylophone) Dan tu (moon guitar) Flûte Tibet : tibetan bowl (différents size) Damaru (ritual biface drum) Ting sha (little funéral cymbal) ritual Gong Bali /Java: Guenggon (bamboo jaw harp) Gambang kayu (bamboo xylophone) Gong Burma Celampung (percussion ) bamboo carillon ritual bell Burma : Kye zee (full Triangle) Vietnam : Dan moi (s) ( multi timbral jaw harp) Frog Bird percussion Japan : Muyu (temple block ) Africa / Madgascar : Yom kwom (Straw Cithare ,Burkina-Fasso) Sakara (circular frame drum ,Mali) Dji doundoun ( 7 water drums) Djembé Marimba 3 Kalimbas Valiha (tubular cithar , Madagascar) Malagasy Shakers Bagana (little éthiopian lyra) 2 Koras (une grande , une moyenne) Middle-east/ Maghreb : Baglama Gumbri Daf Derbouka Australia : Didjeridoo Rhombe latin America/Brésil : Tortoise ocarina Ocarina Guiro Quica Sifflet de nez Yuron (pleureur) Divers : Guzla (yougoslave unicord) Wind chimes Vibraslap nepalese flute svarmandala Ride Thunder drum Cymbalettes Carillons Rainstick Guitare classical customised guitar (double neck with 10 strings & 4 transversal mini-strings) 12 string folk guitar Folk guitar Bass électric guitar Electric piano Synthesizer Electronic effects : 3 semi unit racks (YAMAHA FX 500, FX 550, BOSS SE 50) - numerous Guitar pedals fx (Space station de Digitech,Freezz, Slicer etc..) - 1 30 bandes equalizer - 3 Samplers (Yamaha , Boss & Digitech) - 1 Laptop - Software synth - midi keyboard - 1 mini mixer - 1 mini-studio - 2 amplifier (30 Watts) - 4 microphones - 1E-Bow
Anything else?
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