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A local band sounding like experimental rockers mogwai and godspeed with a bit of modest mouse, and nirvan thrown in there for a good mix.
Straight to the Top
Peak in sub-genre #39
Anywhere You Wanna Go (Live)
Peak in sub-genre #68
Unable To Go Any Further (Live 12/22/02)
Beneath The Sand
Peak in sub-genre #45
We are a three piece band originally from Cambria, a small town on the central coast of California.
Band/artist history
Riley and I (Van) got our guitars on the same day in 5th grade after getting into music (Green Day's Dookie ahhhh yeah). We started our first band together in 8th grade, the Adolescent Smurfs. We played a bunch of Ramones covers and had a couple shows then. Then, the Decoys in 9th grade. We wrote more originals for this band. We also played in a death-metal band Slash, which kicked ass. Then in 10th grade we formed Samsara with Colin and Nate. This was our first really serious band and we played around a lot. After Nate went to college, Sam joined the band. It was lots of fun and we recorded an EP called "Dance with the Ashes." Samsara had its last official show on Halloween, 2002. Afterwards, Zyola was formed, consisting of Riley, Sam, and myself. We expanded on what Samsara had established and broadened our sand. We decided to switch instruments a lot to add to the dynamic. We recorded a full-length studio album that can be purchased at our shows or through the mail. We will also have a live EP soon, recorded by a friend named Iain. We will continue to play and then we will soon become the most successful group in the history of the world and rule over you all.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live all over the central coast. We love playing live as it lets out our current feelings to everyone. We try to put everything into our live performances.
Your musical influences
i can speak for myself but a lot of these are shared by the others, i will say modest mouse, radiohead, the beatles, nirvana, mogwai, fugazi, will oldham, sonic youth
What equipment do you use?
we have ghetto gear for the most part... but good amps and a good drum set...
Anything else?
"We are here for beauty" - Sam
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Miracles / Meek Mill Type Beat
Pippen 89