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Emotional stories of where we are, what's at stake, and where we're headed... This IS the MOMENT people... when our species will either Stand UP... or perish...
I'm a fellow human on planet earth who feels music touches the soul... spirit... the emotional chord... deep within us. I feel moved at this time to transcend the "decades of dabbling", devoting my remaining years to creating music which can help in the growing movement to save humanity.
Band/artist history
67 now...been muckin since I was a kid... long story for another time
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have in the past and plan to in the future. I would particularly like to support any and all efforts to change the world...and will do whatever I can to help in this endeavor...but right now I have 30+ songs under development and need to learn the YouTube thing...this is my priority.
Your musical influences
everything and anything that touches my soul, gives me chills, and causes me to weep from joy or anguish... I particularly like when music surrounds "words" that are rich in meaning... No one is better at this, in my humble opinion, than Neil Peart of RUSH. My latest crush is Baba Brinkman... he says a LOT.
What equipment do you use?
My base platform is a custom built computer by Purrrrfect Audio... 12 core intel; 128 gigs of ram, 8 SSD's, 2 M.2 drives, Genelec's, Quantum, CAD E100S & Rode K2 mics. Most Sample libraries and synths running Studio One. I affectionately call it all the "VastMaschine".