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The Soundrops
The Soundrops
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probably the last pastoral band in the world
The Soundrops are a pastoral rock band, consisting of siblings Gero (Gerard Nowak: vocals, harmonies, guitars, bass, percussion, flute, electric pen) and Morella (M***a Nowak: vocals, djembe, mental support) as well as another founder member OtoKarbalcy (Pawel Kuzmiak: vocals, guitar, harmonica). Founded around 1999 on the embers of a harmony pop/folk trio The Round Triangle (Ger and Paf within the line-up), The Soundrops gained local fame in 2004 through acoustic versions of songs by Polish rock group Armia. In 2006 The Soundrops started releasing self-penned material with "Future Perfect in the Past", recorded in SP Records studio. The subsequent ventures: "Half", "Good Afternoon", almost ocierajace sie o Grandmy Award "Outward", and "Night" (obycztery 2007), were recorded at home and produced by Gero. The mature (hehe) Soundrops albums (2008) include "Interim", "From Time To Time", "Weathertop", and "Downhill Uphill" (zdaje sie, ze the best of them all), "Deaths" and "A Bottle of Oil". Even more advanced efforts from the band are "On", "Rightunders" and "Friends" (2009) as well as the niewiarygodny "1500 - 100 - 900" (2010). "Takdotletaktak" (2009) is a supplement in Polish to the otherwise English-sung discography. The most recent Soundrops album is called "Good Reinerz" and is devoted entirely to the Bystrzyca Hills.
Band/artist history
see above
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Occasionally we get to play a small gig in a local club.
Your musical influences
Clever pop of the sixties, mostly.
What equipment do you use?
more professional with every new year
Anything else?
make laugh not snore
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