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Spirit Creek
Spirit Creek
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A Christian Rock band with soul searching lyrics, intense melodies, and powerful live performances.
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Us Against the World
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Spirit Creeks mission is very simple to create music for three reasons...God, ourselves, and the listeners that grace us with their presence. We are doing this for those three reasons alone. To once again play music with purpose and meaning, reasons so many of us lose in all aspects and walks of life. Performing heartfelt songs that are full of life affirming lyrics that explore the human soul and emotions as well as the trials and tribulations that every one of us experience, we look at our music as a door opener for everyone to realize that "Its okay to feel the things you feel, that you are definitely not alone." That there is hope, and most importantly, things will be alright.
Band/artist history
Since being formed in Milwaukee, WI in 1996 by lead singer and songwriter Doug Shea, Spirit Creek has worked extremely hard to build an amazingly loyal following from all over the globe. With two self produced albums and three Eps in hand, Spirit Creek has relentlessly toured the U.S. for the past five years. Over that span of time they have shared their brand of melodic Christian rock with thousands of faithful listeners. Powerful live performances and the reputation of being one of the best unsigned bands in America earned Spirit Creek many accolades from through-out the music industry. This buzz earned them the honor of performing with over 30 national acts gaining a multitude of exposure. Over time it seemed we were always choosing between fame and our souls, says Shea. I do not want to turn our backs on our faith anymore. If God's path for me is a poor musician, then that is what He has planned for me, after all it is not about me. Early 2003 was spent recording in between some very serious touring. I just poured everything we had been through that last year into these songs, and it just felt great. Their brand new full length album, entitled Us Against The World, released in early July is a closure for Spirit Creek in many ways. Trusting in the Lord's will and guidance completely, instead of in themselves. "It's now on His terms" says Seth Bauer, the bands keyboardist and songwriter. Spirit Creek is slowly working their way back with a new album due out sometime in Spring. "This is what it is all about" Curt Kratowicz proclaims, Spirit Creek's energized drummer. "We are happier having fun during practice and writing all the songs together...something we could never do before." We just love to share our music with people. says Shea. I think were more then ready to do what we were put on this Earth for. Keep your eyes peeled for the band in your area, and please come and share your thoughts and opinions in our andTogether community forums.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes as much as we can. Like it?? Try love it. It is the only time we can 100% bond with our listeners. There have been many special moments. My #1 would have to be in Iowa, a low point in my life. Going back and forth with taking my life. I lost touch with myself and almost God. This show we played opening for Sister Hazel, helped me realize what God attended me to do and that I was not a mistake, I had purpose.
Your musical influences
We have many influences, Christian bands like Avalon, Big Tent Revival, Jars of Clay, Petra to Metallica,Pearl Jam, Radio Head and Rush to Joe Satrioni to Three Doors Down, Tantric, Guster, Counting Crows, Live, classical scores to Danny Elfman.
What equipment do you use?
we play Mapex drums, PRS guitars, Yamaha Keys, Hughes and Ketner amps...etc.
Anything else?
If you like upbeat, slow beat, crunchy, light, soul filling music...try Spirit Creek.