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Aeon's Old
Aeon's Old
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We are Aeon's Old: Old King and AMKR (Abolish Mundane Konceptions of Reality). Experimental underground hip hop with horrorcore/wicked shit roots and no artisti
Aeon's Old is the creation of AMKR & Old King. We are an underground hip hop group from the East Coast (currently residing in Lowell, Massachusetts as of 2011). Our roots grew out of the Horrorcore or as it's commonly called Wicked Shit scene but we maintain a motto of no artistic boundaries. We think outside the box, and strive to push the boundaries of what people consider acceptable in Hip Hop and Rap Music, not just our own home subgenre.
Band/artist history
We've been rapping for 3 years now, and I personally have been writing raps for about 4 or 5 (only decently for about 3 years though ahah). Me and Old King have been friends for a long time before that, knowing each other through mutual friends (my cousin). Eventually we started hanging outside of the normal group of friends, we realized we had alot in common. We tripped a few times together with our group of friends yet me and Old King would always somehow end up isolated from the rest of the pack and philosophizing about the nature of existence - while the others we're just watching television. One night - I was on AIM and Old King hit me up for the first time. I had a bowl but no weed - and he had weed but nothing to smoke it out of. The stars had aligned perfectly, sounds like something out of a book right? And it was on ever since. I showed him a few of my raps, he was impressed by them and along with a third friend of ours, we formed our former group Junction: OMEGA, which lasted about a two years until we broke up and went our separate ways. Still thirsty, having generated a decent ammount of noise as our former group and realizing we could never turn back on our dream, We formed Aeon's Old. Thus is history.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we've played a show as our former group in Michigan - the first annual Strictly For The Wicked. It was the experience of a lifetime - the road trip, being there, playing the show, meeting all the other artists. We plan on playing alot more shows locally once our album drops and we have some physical material to promote.
Your musical influences
Me and Old King listen to just about everything you can think of (Yes even some country, big ups to Johnny Cash & The CoffinShakers). For the most part it's underground hip hop of all styles from Anticon (
What equipment do you use?
M-Audio Keystation 88ES M-Audio Studiophile AV40 Moniters Digidesign M-Box Digidesign Pro-Tools 8 LE Rhode NT-1A Condenser Microphone Sennheiser HDR110 Wireless Headphones Image Line - FL Studio 9 PropellerHead Reason Pop Filter Shock Mount Studio Foam/Corner Blocks
Anything else?
I hope you enjoyed the interview and learned a little bit about myself and Old King. Please check out our music, and support our endeavors! You're feeding us :-) and Feel free to contact us at anytime! We always respond and love hearing and talking to our fans! -AMKR (of Aeon's Old)
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