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Nihilanth is a mixture of metal, industrial, orchestral, dark ambient and similar. Thematically, the music is meant to be doomy, heavy, apocalyptic and alien.
"Nihilanth is a load of creepy noise made by Lord Zuul" is what my old myspace site used to say. That's still pretty much true. I am one self-taught loon trying to make some decent creepy music and ambience. I incorporate into the music the stuff I like and find fascinating; Ghostbusters, Lovecraft, computer games, apocalyptic destruction, the peculiar anomalies in the night sky, misanthropy, extinction and all that other geeky stuff. I like slow riffs most, so I try to focus on them and do slightly weird things with song structure, involving electronic and orchestral bits.
Band/artist history
I'd been in a couple of bands and came to the conclusion that musicians are unreliable scumbags. Sure they can be cool, but the number of wastrels and burnt out druggies that are musicians can really get on your nerves. So I decided to learn how to do everything so I wasn't reliant upon anyone but me. It's just been me messing around since. Prior to that, I'd only had a violin in primary school.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, and I'd have no idea how to reproduce it live. Studio only until I work out how to do it live.
Your musical influences
Fear Factory were my favourite band for years. Anaal Nathrakh and FF were the key bands that made me go for the plunge and learn guitar. I also love Dimmu and all the bands from my youth, including the Prodigy. Anaal Nathrakh and Prodigy have one member each that does all the instruments, so in my own way, I try to find a middle way between the different sounds.
What equipment do you use?
Dean Noir VX M-Audio USB thing. Cubase Midi Keyboard
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