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Anthony L Smith
I am a solo artist, creating smooth jazz, electronica, dance, new age, and ambient soundscapes.
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Electric Skin
The Dark
A high energy instrumental groove with lots of punch. Enjoy!
Recalibrating Reality
Slow Starter
#subtle #minimalist grooves with lots of understated energy - enjoy!
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10 songs
Take the smooth jazz of David Lanz, the soundscapes of Mark Isham, and the broad musical palette of Prince, and you have a general idea of the madness I have put together on this page of music. Jump in, and enjoy... it's all for you, with more to come!
Band/artist history
I have been in love with music almost since the day I was born. My parents were both musically gifted, Mom with a great ear and singing voice and dad with all of the above plus "mad skills" on reed instruments. I played french horn and trombone in high school in Utah, and taught myself to play piano during that time, because it is hard to write a whole New Age / Electronica tune on a french horn.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes! In and around the Southern Oregon Coast, and now along the NW tip of the Washington coastline...
Your musical influences
Influences would include Thomas Dolby, Prince, Vangelis, Moby, David Lanz, Manheim Steamroller, INXS, Brian Eno, Ennio Morricone, John Williams, Tangerine Dream, Dave Brubeck, Sting, Phil Collins...tons more - too many to list!
What equipment do you use?
My main keys controller is the M-Audio Keystation 88, and I use it to drive Cakewalk Sonar and Ableton Live. I am a huge fan of vintage synth sounds, so I use a lot of Korg and Arturia software synths...
Anything else?
The things you will hear on this site are parts of me. It's like introducing my children to the world...I am a little nervous, but damn proud of them. Enjoy...
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Sliding Doors would be great if you bring the music forward and turn the drums down in some parts. It is too monotone, but I think there is the start of something great and epic here. Starting out with the drums is great then lets hear those violins.
This is a great song and is going to go on one of my YouTube videos, so thanks for allowing me to use it. I will link back to you here, definitely.
This is beautiful .... relaxing. Well done. Santa.
Such a easy listening piece of music.... I like it. Best wishes to you. Santa.
Building Blocks is an awesome track! Great stuff.
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