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Tweakheadz Lab
Tweakheadz Lab
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I am the Tweak. TweakHeadz Lab is my studio. Listen to my current songs and collaborations with my friends then head down to my site at tweakheadz.com or my
Hello And welcome! You have surfed to the Music Pages of TweakHeadz Lab. Come on in! Sit back and relax, light a candle. You'll hear a wide range of styles, colors, moods, and unusual experimental mixes. I write what I feel like writing, invent and re-invent objects of sound in the process. To me, music is an invention. A play of elements in time.
Band/artist history
I started as a guitarist for a band in Chicago called the Factory, then, in graduate. school I studied sociology and philosophy, and dabbled in creative writing. During this period, I wrote acoustic songs and jammed around. Once out of school, I started tweaking synths, my first,was a Moog Prodigy. I have been deep into electronic music since throughout the evolution of MIDI and sampling. On the technical side, I worked with the very first MIDI sequencers and patch editors on the Commodore 64, moved to the Atari platform and nowam one the PC. I've worked on the programming team for the Alesis QS8, the Sanctuary, Classical and EuroDance cards, and have been a long term beta tester for Logic Audio. I am in love with the imaging of sounds, I have written over 1300 songs. I am thrilled to release my philosophically-inspired creations to a worldwide audience. Thank you--for listening to my work! :)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do not play live.
Your musical influences
I find it ironic that I don't listen to much music, except to study it. I don't try to imitate and i rarely use loops. I like to bake my cakes from scratch, even if it means a lesser sound quality. Yet I am influenced by everything I have ever heard.
What equipment do you use?
I use Logic Pro 8, My Fantom, Motif and V-synth and V-Guitar. I have a lot of acoustic instruments here and some very nice mics. My audio interface is currently a MOTU 828mk2, which will be upgraded shortly. Old answer: Emu digital samplers are my specialty, I also have a Korg Triton Rack, Fantom S, Alesis QS-8, Wavestation SR, Roland JV1010, Korg MS20, a lot of emu synths, TX7, TG77, Oberheim Matrix 1000, and many software synths and samplers. My main sequencing software is Logic (from Notator to Logic 7.1). I also use Sonar, Cubase, ACID, Sound Forge, Peak, Soundtrack Pro and a few synth editors when constructing sounds. There are also various guitars, drum machines, a variety of effects boxs, portable recorders, exotic percussion instruments and a mystical garage.
Anything else?
If you are an electronic musician yourself please check out TweakHeadz Lab at http://www.tweakheadz.com and my Online Community at http://www.studio-central.com, which is filled with articles and discussions on how to build a recording studio and how to make electronic music. Come on over and talk about music, philosophy, gear, etc.
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