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Dis Disley
Dis Disley
3 Tracks
A well travelled singing/guitarist who has many cover songs and a hand full of his own. Having learnt by ear most of his songs have an individual feel to them,
AFTERWOODS How many roads must a man walk down?...this has got to be one of the best written lines we have ever heard! It has taken many roads for us to end up here But this is where we have ended up And this is what we ended up with We are Dis and Helen Disley we live in Cornwall UK and have three great children who are growing up fast. Dis has been a musician and guitarist for many years and has travelled and performed in many places in England and abroad. We have also performed at live gigs together. We have been together for a long time now and both love music, some of which matches up but some of which we have different opinionsââbut thatâs all good though, it gives a different perspective. Stuff we like listening to well thatâs pretty varied, Simon and Garfunkel , Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, The Beatles, Coldplay, Jimmy Hendrix, Pink Floyd right down to Maddy Prior, The Zutons and one of our all time favourites has to be Christy Moore. Any recording you may hear by us is recorded by us alone, including, instruments and all harmonies. It is always a pleasure for us to sit and create songs, but more than anything we hope you will take some pleasure from listening to them. feel free to contact us if you have a query. Hope you enjoy listening Dis and Helen Disley
Your musical influences
Simon and Garfunkle, Crosby Stills and Nash Neil Young Christy Moore Beatles Jimi Hendrix pink Floyd cold play Leonard Cohen Maddy Prior Bobby Goldbouror and s many more....
What equipment do you use?
guild acoustic Yamaha Aw16G work station Encore bass Yamaha semi acoustic guitar Yamaha PSR GX76 keyboard Martin fishman acoustic guitar
Anything else?
all songs played here are recorded at home using the Yamaha AW16G appart from the vocals which my wife lays down all instruments are played by my self and of course the vocals.