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Andreas Constantinou
Andreas Constantinou
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Andreas Constantinou (AKA Andreas C) is a solo artist singer/songwriter, his work is best described as raw, edgy and intense. His songs are simplistic yet full
Andreas Constantinou (AKA Andreas C) is a solo artist singer/songwriter and has presented his music and performance art works in festivals, music venues, galleries and theatres through out Europe and Asia since 2004. In 2008 Andreas C released his debut album titled fistful which was described by the media as a raw and edgy album filled with abrasive songs and bittersweet harmonies. Since the albums release he has been performing with his live band presenting hard-hitting concerts in music venues and festivals provoking audiences with his weird world of the unusual often combining music and performance art. In August 2008 AndreasC performed at the Gay Pride Reykjavik Festival in front of an audience of 40,000. Andreas C is currently working on his follow up album due for release in 2010.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Playing live, its great, it is so different from recording. Have played a number of live shows, mostly have done so in Reykjavik, Iceland where i was based when i released my debut album Fistful in 2008. Whilst promoting the album i performed with my live band regularly in the reykjavik music circuit. Biggest moment so far has been playing on the main stage at Reykjavik Gay pride in 2008 to a crowd of 40.000 or so. Even though this was the largest stage i have so far had the oppotunity to play on it was by no means my favorout moment. I would say the best moments so far have been in smaller very intimate settings. Somehow smaller venues keep the energy in them and manifest a really great atmosphere.
Your musical influences
I grew up listening to wide range of music and have been influence buy many incredible artists. My biggest influence would for certain have to be PJ Harvey. I find her work has just echoed with me for many years and i have been very influenced by her works. I find that her work is so brave and sincere and this inspires me to explore and find my own ways to be authentic. Placebo inspired my greatly growing up as well, they have a certain energy and zest that i really like, with some great guitar riffs. Early Kate Bush is just amazing i have been very inspired by her lyrics and ability to create whole new worlds in her writing.
What equipment do you use?
Depends... in terms of recording i record with Pro Tools. Every piece of recording equipment brings out something unique in the sound so i dont like to say i use this or i use that... but rather i work with what i have at the time and what is needed. Good authentic music should be able to be made from anything you have, it comes from the moment and from the soul and is manifested into space, time and dynamic.
Anything else?
I have a great love for the arts in general as i trained and worked professionally for years as a choreographer / visual artist. I think its very important as artists to expand our thoughts and the way we receive and perceive the world. Looking at contemporary art works is really great and challenging as it brakes linear approaches of perception. Sometimes we get so boiled down to having everything in straight laced boxes, its this or its that and therefore we can forget to receive things for what they are if they are not presented in a "normal" context. My drive as a songwriter and artist is to be authentic and true to myself and to produce work that is challenging and a direct unique expression that is not conditioned by Popular culture. Just do and enjoy and just look listen and receive with no judgments is my aim.