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IRONHAND (Official)
IRONHAND (Official)
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Ironhand was started several years ago when two recluses decided to start writing music together. The sound is defined by their use of cancerous whispers, symph
The Unconquerable Might (March11 Mix)
Peak position #79
Sin Hardest
Peak in sub-genre #14
Divine Infekt (Psyclon Nine Cover)
Peak in sub-genre #9
Medusa (Liketwilight vs Ironhand)
Peak in sub-genre #33
Autassassinophiliac (Remix)
Peak in sub-genre #8
Our sound is often malicious, always eccentric. With the band's roots in electro-industrial and goth music, today Ironhand defies accurate categorization, composing music ranging from soft, quiet, orchestral pieces to full-out maniacal unholy war. The sound is set apart by their use of cancerous whispers, symphonic instruments, and a full arsenal of nailguns and power tools in lieu of traditional drums. Early albums reflected a deep, violent, anti-theistic sentiment, while recent works are about the will to grow, surpassing those that came before, and horrific scenes of violence and sadism.
Band/artist history
ronhand was started by Jarod Summers and Dan Thompson in 2006 as a gothic industrial band. After Dan left on haitus to join the USMC, Jarod took the reigns of the project, focusing on aggressive Terror-EBM music. Joshua Krch joined the band in 2010, contibuting his guitar and synth skills. We are hard at work on our next full length album "THORAX" as well as focusing on out fully automated robotic power tool drumset, to be unveiled in coming music videos.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have not played live yet, but plan to so do sooner or later.
Your musical influences
Musically - German industrial music, True Norwegian Black Metal, classical composers, and various soundtracks. Notable bands that have left profound impacts on us are Diary of Dreams, Das Ich, Sargeist, Burzum, Gogoroth, Satyricon, Psyclon Nine, Wumpscut, etc.
What equipment do you use?
Samson mics and mixers, Korg and M-Audio keyboards, FL Studio, Sound Forge, and many power tools. Our favorite nailguns are made by Bosch, Senco, and Hitachi.
Anything else?
Visit our Youtube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/IRONHANDofficial to keep up to date with new music and videos, or visit our website to download whole albums for free.
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