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Ellen Moseley
Ellen Moseley
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homegrown music...all natural, no fillers, no artificial colors.
....so nice of y'all to drop by! I'm a little southern lady who grew up during the glorious sunshiny 70's in a small beach town in N. Florida. An awesome time to begin to figure life out...catching the tail-end of the "age of aquarius" and gettin' to enjoy the freedoms that bunch won for us before the angst of the 80's and 90's set in. Try bein' a teenager today!!! Ha! I learned to play guitar by picking one up and flippin' open a CSN&Y songbook to "Helpless". Well, nobody told me I was playin' the thing up-side-down! I'm a lefty, ya know...held it like it felt right to me. Still play that way to this day. Took up the banjo and the ukulele and turned them up-side-down too. I wrote my first song at the age of 45 and now I've got a whole batch of 'em. I don't ever set out to write any particular song...just get a phrase that sticks and pretty soon the rest of it comes. Really, I don't write them at all...God just down-loads 'em into my brain and I jot them down and then sing and play them. To Him be the honor and the glory! So there you have it...or at least this part of it. I'd talk yer ears nearly clean offa yer hear if you'd indulge me. Thanks again for stoppin' by...next time I'll make a cake and brew some coffee. yerz, Ellen https://ellenmoseley.bandcamp.com
Band/artist history
started playin' guitar in the mid 70's...just dabbling, mind you. I was 17 years old. Wrote my first song at 45. At 51, I have something like 32 of 'em.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
done some street playin' and a coupla open mic nights......but my best moment was when I was asked to play one of my songs at a reception (party) after a memorial service for some friends of mine whose son had died....talk about bein' honored! The name of that song is "Temporary" if you're curious and wanna have a listen yourself.
Your musical influences
people who are fearless about using their voices...even if they don't have what the general public might deem as a "good" or 'beautiful" voice. I think of Ryan Adams....he can sound like an angel or an ailing hounddog...he doesn't care! He just does what he does. Chris Whitley has been a huge influence...Lucinda Williams is another one!!! Patterson Hood of the Drive By Truckers too....his voice would never fly on American Idol, but his writing and passion and voice are a powerful mix but like I said in my intro, my biggest influence is God, the One who gave me everything I am or have.
What equipment do you use?
Martin DCX1E, Pono Ukulele, a 1977 Takamine acoustic (strung and tuned to "nashville" tuning), a 5 string banjo I bought at a little shop here that was put together with different components by a musician that lives here. I use a little Alesis 8 usb mixer that came with Cubase LE software, a SHS OM-500 mic for my vocals and a AKG D770 mic for my instruments I haven't figured out how to use a pick yet, so I just use my thumbnail...it's the only one I grow, keep the rest of 'em real short
Anything else?
I rarely listen to radio...only when it's playing where I work or in a store I happen to be in. Most of 'em are satellite stations I suppose. I don't wanna sound judgmental, but mainstream radio is heinous. You wanna know where I hear the best music bein' played.....IGA grocery stores and Big Lots stores...it's the strangest phenomenon! I don't know if anybody will ever read any of this stuff, but what you read is what you get with me.
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