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Willie Strings and the Players
Willie Strings and the Players
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Start with a mix of rock, reggae and upbeat ska grooves, toss in a bit of the blues, and some motown-style soul...If you got a name for it...We'd be interested
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About Willie Strings: Born in Silver Spring, MD, first started performing at the age of 12, now some 13 years, four line-ups, and at least a hundred open mics later ....Willie's ready and set to go! Whether it's a solo acoustic performance or a full-on electric set with the band, you are in for an hell of a ride! Better strap in...You never know what this ecclectic Master of Cermonies might bring to your ears. Could be a beautiful ballad with melodies that will shock you. Then again it could be an all out in-your-face, up tempo rock song, with elements of ska or reggae! Or it could just be some good ol' down home one-drop reggae, so sweet that you'll be forced to stay on the dance floor till the lights come on. Either way, this band leader has a way of connecting with an audience that needs to be seen to be understood. About the Players: Bruno has been a local musician for years, applying his signature guitar licks in former DC and VA based band OneOneSeven and guest spots with the Fishermen band based directly out of our Nation's Capitol. He brings elements of modern alternative, rock, and new reggae to the table. As well, his latin influences and classical guitar training are evident in every note. Bruno brings an energy reminiscent of The Red Hot Chili Peppers or 311 to the stage, and in doing so he lights up his corner with a performance all his own. He was hosting his open mic in N.W. DC where he met Willie in April 2002, and he is now the latest welcomed addition to the Players and since his inception has blended beautifully. Josh "Dr. Love" Insel has been playing bass for years. He's played in various projects along the way, gaining experience on the stage, as well as in his own recording studio. Josh has an incredible love for music and all that goes into the process of making music. Whether it's all day recording sessions, or setting up a stage, he's truly at home in the elemment of production. His bass playing is very reminiscent of the band Sublime, or Long Beach Dub Allstars, in that it's easy to feel what he's trying to say with every note. His energy on stage is that of legend and his vibe off stage is quite the same. To meet Doc is to know him. He was introduced to the band by a longtime friend, Michael "Doo Doo" Walker, and the rest (as the say) is history. Chris Murray has been a local drummer for 18 years and started playing professionally at the ripe age of 16. Lied about his age and started playing bars with the funk and soul band, The Groovalistic Allstars. Oddly enough, that venue is still being played by Willie Strings and The Players! Chris did a fill in session with Willie and the Doc for the first album and decided to stick around. Since then, it's been a historical journey to keep this soulful player on his own 2 feet at times. It doesn't always work out that way, but when he is on......let's just say, You be the judge..! True to Drummer-Folk Lore, like Keith Moon and John Bonham before him he holds a Gold Medal for "Late-Night Olympics", (let's just hope he has a different fate) and....like ALL the members of this band is truly something worth seeing!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia, with plans to stretch out across the eastern shore now that we've completed our full length album... on sale now for $10...
Your musical influences
We play a mixture of the music we love. So start with a mix of rock, reggae and upbeat ska grooves, toss in a bit of the blues, and some motown-style soul...If you got a name for it...We'd be interested to hear it.
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