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David Million
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Guitar player, photography amateur, humorist and purveyor of inane drivel...
Life Cycles (feat. David Million)
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On Leaving (with Keith Lanzoni)
Peak position #74
Yorkshire-based guitarist with many live appearances and a few album recordings behind him and who knows what is still to come? Rather busy with work and family these days but still manage to knock out a new tune now and then. The acoustic project was a lot of fun but lately it was getting to be more of a social activity (with people I love to bits) but we should have been gigging a year ago and I think for me, we passed the point of engagement. A new project has come up with a fellow guitar player who can knock spots off my playing and is introducing me to a whole new world of discipline and actually playing the right notes in the right order. Crikey...... It has been a bumpy ride so far this year and hopefully, the new project marks the beginning of a period of relative stability and, dare I say, harmony!
Band/artist history
Various Leeds covers bands, Luigi ana da Boys (poor man's version with only the one guitar player and much derided by the twin guitar attack purists!), A New Opera and a couple of stints with Manning.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yep - not enough but we get out there from time to time. I like my rock guitar playing but not much call for us old farts when there are some many great young players available. The rest of them are just up themselves and take it all too seriously. Best gigs were with A New Opera in the early 80's in Leeds and around the UK. A memorable show at the Cambridge Rock Festival playing guitar with a prog band in 2009 and an acoustic show in Chicago in 2014 with a stripped-down version of the latter.
Your musical influences
Joe Walsh, Bill Nelson, George Harrison, Geoff Taylor, Robben Ford, Eric Johnson, SRV, Gary Moore, Larry Carlton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Mick Taylor, Mike Campbell, Dave Stewart, Ron Wood, Keef, Pete Townsend
What equipment do you use?
Les Paul Studio, Fret King Esprit, Frankentele, Martin D15, Tanglewood TW40 (amazing guitar), Marshall, Vox, Fender amps, too many pedals.....
Anything else?
I have a hankering to re-visit Chicago and play some blues. Someone needs to invite me.......same goes for Austin, Texas, all I need is a 'phone call or an email and maybe room and board :)
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