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Paul Hodgins
Paul is an aspiring artist from small town values with a big heart for worship and to see people come to Christ. His musical abilities are being challenged and
4 songs
129 plays
01 All or Nothing (full)
01 I'll Take You Back
this is a description of the adulterer who the prophet would take back as his wife, and a picture of the bride of Christ. It's about the person who feels they have gone so far away from God that He would never have anything to do with them.
02 Walk By Faith
This is about the struggle to walk through this life with the faith that God has allowed and put us in each situation, and that He will guide and get us through.
03 The Path of Life
This song is about choosing to walk with God, as opposed to without Him.
Paul comes from small town values with a big heart for worship and seeing people come to Christ.
Band/artist history
Paul started out playing the drums, and later moved to bass guitar. He soon picked up the acoustic guitar, where he has flourished. He played with the worship team at Bible school where he was able to really solidify his skills, and pick up another; piano. His passion for music really comes out on the keys, and has written a number of songs with the piano. His most recent development has been with the merging with Incubator Records. They have come along side Paul to help him develop his performance set, and overall quality of stage presence. It has been an enjoyable and beneficial experience for him, and he is excited to see where the Lord will take him next.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Paul is currently looking to expand his live audience to congregations both local and out of town. His real joy is to see people worshiping God with all their hearts. That moment where the spirit of God connects with the audience in such a way that they are completely caught up in His presence.
Your musical influences
Mom. Paul's mom has had a love for music and worship that has undoubtedly been passed down to her son. She plays the keyboard, and is who Paul first started playing with at their home church in WW. Philip's Craig and Dean have been a strong influence, as well as Jeremy Camp, Todd Agnew, and Third Day. A friend from Bible school also helped to shape his guitar playing style; Matt Hach
What equipment do you use?
TAYLOR guitar! He uses a 500 series (and is always interested in an upgrade).
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