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Ahymnsa has a fresh style that blends downtempo beats with impressive classically trained vocals and a jazzy, eclectic bass line.
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Ahymnsa is an electro-acoustic trio based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Blending electronic beats with impressive classically trained vocals and a jazzy, eclectic bass line for a full body musical experience, Ahymnsa has been greeted with much enthusiasm in the music community and has already hit #4 twice on the CJSW Local Hipster Charts (Jan 13 & 20, 2003), and #6 on the Soundclick Trip Hop Charts (Nov. 19, 2003).
Band/artist history
Jason Morris (composer, keyboard, electric bass) and Miranda Baugh (vocals) have been creating innovative music together since the fall of 2001 and have composed an impressive repertoire of original music. In September of 2003, Ahymnsa saw the addition of Tobias Meis, an upright acoustic bassist, who brought depth and a sense of fullness to the group. Miranda Baugh is a classically trained vocalist, with a Bachelor’s in Music Composition from the University of Calgary. Although no stranger to musical convention, Baugh is most at home in an experimental role, blending jazz stylings and operatic highlights, which result in a surprisingly fresh mixture. Jason Morris is a multi-instrumentalist and composer of 16 years, whose background includes piano, organ, drums, trumpet, trombone and bass guitar. The Bristol trip-hop scene and European IDM movement are Morris’ primary influences. Tobias Meis (not pictured in photo) is studying music at the University of Calgary, working towards a Bachelor in Music Performance: String Bass. Drawing on his extensive classical and jazz training he has contributed to Celtic, Arabian, Balinese and African ensembles. Ahymnsa has played in a wide variety of settings, including a martini bar, a film festival, several private events, an art gallery, and dance clubs. Their debut, self titled indie EP features six of their favorite songs, and is available at local music stores, or at any of their live events. The group has been interviewed on several occasions (CJSW, and the French online publication, “The Mouse”, to name a few), and has received glowing reviews from GreatWhiteNoise.ca. With over a dozen live performances under their belt, and many more to come, Ahymnsa is prepared to take their music on the road this summer and take on the local festival circuit.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Ahymnsa is based in Calgary, AB and has played in several venues across town. The summer of 2004 will see them travelling around Canada to play the festival circuit.
Your musical influences
Portisehead, Bjork, Tricky, PJ Harvey, Autetechre.
What equipment do you use?
Alesis QS6 Keyboard, Yamaha AN1X Keyboard, AKAI s20 Sampler, Roland VS1680, One Rackmount with effects, Alesis Midiverb/Alesis Microverb/Bluetube, Compressor/Filterfactory Filter.