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A-World started in high school by a young man name Cory "Trademark", at that time "Brook". Im restarting the group. I saw the blend of artist we had at the tabl
The Definition
A-world is a society comprised of its own rules, standards and ultimately just a new way of living. Unlike many other music groups the motivation behind the group is inspiring the masses into a different lifestyle, starting with a new way of thinking. Not a religion or cult but an alternative way of living that we strive to practice that is less destructive then the one so many of us have adopted. If you look at America and the way she was brought into existence it started with an idea, which turned into beliefs, then principles then ultimately a system. But at the core its an idea. So it is with every individual, everyone has an idea or a motive behind the reason why they do what they do. So everybody's actions can be traced back to ideas, beliefs and practices they engaged in earlier in their life. A -World has its own system of beliefs which at the root is self independency. Through our music we aim to inspire people to look toward themselves first, then family and friends to create a system of living that is in our best interest and not of someone else's.
Band/artist history
not a lot
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have performed in AZ at venues and poetry lounges. I love the poetry club settings, the small compact crowds are best. I had a special moment at the poetry night, I did this poem called "And then I..." which originally was a hip hop track. I said some pretty deep things.
Your musical influences
Jay-z, jadakiss, lil wayne, eminem, joe budden, nas on the rap side. Jazz music and blues such as Billy holliday, ella fitzgerald, Eva cassidy, nat king cole, etta james, anita baker Rock music such as Lincoln Park, U2, Pantera, Slip not Pop such as Micheal Jackson, Prince and Gothic and classical
What equipment do you use?
Logic 8 Express
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My Eternal
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