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Miranda Judd
Miranda Judd
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My music is a little bit of this and that. Jazzy-blues, country, indie-rock, gospel, whatever sound can express the feeling. I connect the melody to the feel
Band/artist history
I first wrote "Let It Rain", then "Stay" in 2004. Tried out for Sony, Mercury, and Universal in 2005. Moved. Next came "Wounded Hearts" and "Forcing Nature" in 2006. I mainly stuck to painting then I got pregnant and had my son 2007. 2009 I finally decided to do something with my talent again and wrote "Tell Me". Then I worked with some friends on some of their beats and lyrics and now have, "Forever and a Day", and "Forbidden and Driven". The beginning of 2011, I wrote "Away". In the beginning of August 2011, my song "Pretending" started. Then the end of August, I finally made up my mind and was put through major heartache. Thats when I wrote, "The River". My friend Ralph Henry was strumming on the guitar and it went with the melody and words I had been writing just earlier in the morning. Then in the beginning of September 2011, Ralph and I jammed again and wrote another song in 2 hours, called "About You".
Your musical influences
I love R & B when I was growing up. A lot of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Toni Braxton, Usher, SWV, TLC. Little bit of country. Lots of rock and roll. Then Christian music Stacy Orricco, Zoey Girl, Crystal Lewis, Jackie Velasquez.
What equipment do you use?
pen, paper, my voice and a recorder
Anything else?
I would love to sing "The National Anthem" at a Nascar race. I would love to bring life to those words at such an event. More than anything I just want to touch peoples lives with my music. Music can be a passageway to the soul, like being touched by an angel.
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