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Vancouvers biggest buzz and one of Canadas hardest touring acts A poprock sound with crunchy guitars layered female vocals and phat grooves that come to life
I Like It
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Acid Mudd
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I Amounted
The Rest Is History
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It's Over
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The information on this page is not up to date. Blinki is currently on hiatus. But you can find out what Tracy is up to by visiting the following: http://www.soundclick.com/tracywilliams http://www.sonicbids.com/tracywilliams Hey, Hey Blinki fans!! The time is drawing very near to the *MUCH* anticipated release of Blinki's second CD titled, "Sonic Prostitution". The band has been hard at work in the studio over the past couple of months and their album is finally nearing completion. We thank you for your patience and continued support, and can promise you that once you've heard this new musical creation, you will all agree that it was well worth the wait!! In the meantime, we have released two *BRAND NEW* songs as "little teasers", here EXCLUSIVELY on Soundclick to hold you over until the full album is officially released. Make sure to check them out. "CRACK!" is currently placed on the Pop charts and "Upstream" is placing on the Rock charts. Drop a line on the board after you've checked 'em out and let the band know what you think! You won't be disappointed! BLINKI HAS DONE IT AGAIN! Look out music world cause Blinki's coming at you like a "torpedo" this year with the release of their second CD titled, "SONIC PROSTITUTION". If you thought you were rocked by the first explosion of "Acid Mudd" then prepare yourselves to be even *MORE* blown away by the exciting new album that is going to take the music industry scene by storm! A unique, addictive style all their own, as only Blinki can do it, this album is bound to raise some industry eyebrows and break Blinki out on an international level! BLINKI is a four-piece, full-time touring, alternative mosh/pop band fronted by female singer/songwriter Tracy Williams. The year 2000 saw Blinki touring Canada from east to west coast, sucessfully completing 150 shows in over 100 cities!!! YES they have paid some MAJOR dues and YES they could tell you stories that would make you weep uncontrollably with pity! Awwwww, poor Blinki you say?? Well don't shed your tears people, because this only gives the band more fuel and makes them work harder at their dream of finally breaking out of "Kraft Dinner" and moving up to "Fettucini Alfredo"! And never the less, BLINKI'S incredible energy and ballsy humor on stage, along with the remarkable ability to get the crowd "Naked" every night, has left everyone blown away with their live show as they completely *Rock!* the house everywhere they play. There is NO doubt that this band has what it takes by way of talent, determination and the "drive to strive". So, "GO ON BLINKI!" Open up that menu and start ordering. The appetizers are done and it is now time for the main course!!!! Blinki is currently signed to Independant lable VIVA Records but is looking to pursue larger opportunities on an International level. But whether the "big daddy's" jump on board or not, keep your eyes and ears peeled people, 'cause Blinki is an UNSTOPPABLE force and eventually all will come to realize the amazing chemistry and talents which they possess!!!!!
Band/artist history
Once upon a couple of years ago...Blinki lead singer/songwriter Tracy Williams was on vacation at her sister's house on Vancouver Island. She'd been working in a recording studio for two years as an engineer/producer and was nearing "serious studio burn-out." As she sat outside on her sister's deck, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and a cool breeze was blowing..(ok, I know. just try and visualize....) The peace and serenity of this much needed break opened up the doors of creativity, and she began writing songs; the material that would later become the album "Acid Mudd." Tracy decided that while she was still young, she wanted to record a project of her own, go on tour, and start seeing the world!(ok, so far just the country.) Rather than go by her name, she decided to call the project "BLINKI." She chose ten songs, and recorded the album with the help of some musician friends. She put a band together, they hit the road, and they've been touring non-stop ever since!........the end.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We love playing live and tour all over Canada pretty much all year round. Tour, tour, tour.... that's all we do is tour....Hey, somebody should write a song about that! Special moments, hmmmm.....Probably watching some guy light his d**k on fire during one of our shows...even better was watching some girl trying to put it out! OK, serious special moments...... Music West '99, "The Palace" in Calgary, and playing with Wide Mouth Mason on Halloween...very spookey! Oh and what about Tracy's birthday in Kenora, Ontario with the band on their day off? "We had a cookout by the lake (in the snow), roasted steaks on sticks, drank hemp beer and somehow ended up at a German Tavern where we played bongo drums and got sloshed on jaegermeister." That night was Tracy's first experience with jaeg. (pronounced "yag") The next morning was her second! "Acid Mudd Tour 2000" Kicked ass!! We made it through....And we had a BLAST doing it!!!
Your musical influences
The Go-Go's meet the Bangles, with a splash of Billy Joel and a twist of AC/DC........In a Nutshell!
What equipment do you use?
Drums, amps, guitars, bass rig,....oh yeah, and microphones too!
Anything else?
Here's some quotes from some Newspaper reviews and what's being said about Blinki: "I went to see BLINKI at the Marine Club because I thought, (going by the name) that they might be a cutely sloppy-sweet girl-pop band and discovered instead a perfectly tight four-piece, doing synchronised rock jumping up and down and looking like they were ready to blow the roof of a stadium!" Janis McKenzie, CITR 101.9 fm The "Discorder", review of Music West '99. "An unusually impressive and exciting stage show!" Brenno de Lima, Power 97fm. Winnipeg "On the disk you'll find a jangly and enjoyable pop rock outfit. William's songs are smart, shiny little trinkets of airy melody, that owe as much to the Bangles as The Breeders." Mike Bell, "Fast Forward Magazine", Calgary, AB. "....Wide Mouth Mason followed a 50 minute set by BLINKI, a perky "hard pop" ensemble, consisting of two guitars, bass, drums, and lead vocalist/guitarist Tracy Williams. Blinki is a good band with a great guitar sound. Their bouncy high-volume pop-rock was a real crowd pleaser." Mike Stimpson, "Medicine Hat News", Nov.'99
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