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Celtic Creations
Celtic Creations is a Father (Graham) and Son (Jason) team who work together to specialise in composing Irish Folk music as well as many other genres of composi
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Celtic Creations is a Father (Graham) and Son (Jason) team who work together to specialise in composing Irish Folk music as well as many other genres of compositional works. Graham composes the bulk of the music on the Electronic Organ and Keyboards. Jason performs on many of the tracks with an assortment of Stringed, Wind and Woodwind instruments, (e.g. Guitar, Mandolin, Irish Whistle, Clarinet etc). Graham is the main composer/arranger and mixing engineer, whilst Jason performs post-production, performing overdubs, final mixes, mastering, artwork design, CD and artwork production and website creation. For more Rock/Chillout/Orchestral music visit GJPB Record's sister site: www.soundclick.com/jarff
Band/artist history
In 1999 Graham was a 50 year-old man suffering the onset of arthritis. But in September/October of that year, an event happened that changed his life. His son Jason had just started senior school and had acquired a small Keyboard to practice his music. Graham started to take an interest in his music sessions and Jason showed him how to play 3 chords. In the months that followed Graham learned more chords and simple melodies. Twelve months later, (with Jason's help) Graham had graduated to the Organ. At first playing all types of music, but soon began to compose his own. In 2006 Graham visited County Wexford, and in 2007 more visits Counties Mayo and Galway. Overwhelmed by the beauty of Ireland and the friendliness of its people, he decided to compose music based on the sights he saw, the people he met, and his feelings at the time. The result was to be â“ 35 pieces of music. Short-listing this, the music was reduced to the pieces into the double CD you now have available here; Ireland: the visit/revisited. Jason, (now studying at Univeristy of Glamorgan towards his undergraduate degree in Music Technology) has helped Graham enormously in this venture, playing the instruments he I cannot â“ Guitar, Mandolin etc, and also in the mastering of the discs. When Graham and Jason collaborate to produce the Celtic music theyâve grown so fond of, they call themselves âCeltic Creationsâ. Celebrating the fact that the recording suite must be the smallest in the world, studios 1 and 2 are the Living room and Bedroom, and they have named their home setup; âGJPB Recordsâ. Celtic Creations have never sold a single CD to the public and are happy just for close friends and family to enjoy them so far. In fact â“ this, (their latest CD) only totals 12 copies made, (a very limited edition). They have tried however, to keep the quality to a high standard, even if they are home-made.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Unfortunately it is difficult for Celtic Creations to perform live because most of the recordings are based around the Electronic Organ, (which weighs 250-300 lbs) making it difficult to transport. And also most of the music is layered with many overdubs in the studio.
Your musical influences
Many Ceilidh Bands and Irish Folk groups influence Celtic Creations in their methods of recording and composing the music. Some groups that contribute to their inspiration are; The Tulla, Kilfenara, Ardellis, Gallowglass, The Groups, Shaskeen, The Chieftains, Clannad etc.
What equipment do you use?
A simple Fostex 16-track hard disk recorder is the basis for the first set of recordings in Studio 1, it is then mixed roughly and recorded into a sequencer via a Digital Audio Workstation in Studio 2. In Studio 2, (the post-production and mastering suite) Alesis M1 Active Mk2 studio near-field reference monitoring loudspeakers are used in conjunction with a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 Audio interface. A dbx 1066 Compressor/limiter/gate is also installed along with a Samson D1500 real-time spectrum analyser.
Anything else?
We hope you like the Photos on the site, most were taken in the Connemara District of County Galway and South Mayo. Republic of Ireland. May/September 2007.
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