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Hack Tha Ripper
Hack Tha Ripper
12 Tracks
i love hip hop, all sub genres of it, as long as it consist of a phat beat a real lyrics...non of that soulja boy stanky leg bullshit... i like to touch of top
Hack Ripper... A.K.A HACKAVELLI, BIG HACK, OR THE SOUTHLAND RIPPER... I'll be real with ya'll, i dont have any ONE style. I like to be Versatile, and keep it changed up. I'm controversial, and a little offensive...that's just me. I write about what i feel at the time, and what mood i happen to be in over all decides the outcome of my music. I do that because it's me, and the realest reason to rap in my opinion... is to project who you are and how you feel through your music. To let people know what you believe, and YOUR perspective of the world and your surroundings. That's my reason, and if you're feelin' it, cool. If not, that's cool too, go ahead and hate on me. It'll just fuel the fire and help me continue what i love to do. i like to think i'm a good emcee, but ultimately that's up to whoever is listenin', it's the listener's own personal opinion thats matters in the end. I've got alot to say, and the best way for me to get it out, is with this pen, this paper, this mind, and this microphone, so enjoy...or not...it's up to you...
Band/artist history
just me yo, not much history to be told...guess its in the making...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
fuckin ay we play live, thats what we in it for it aint about the money we never got paid right money will come but for now we do it all for the stage lights... we play anywhere we get the chance to play and we love the experience everytime. one moment was when rayne was on codones and drunk on stage and forgot a whole half a verse, lol, me and saint caught up and covered it by doin some shit off the dome..crowd still loved it...thats what im talkin about mayne..
Your musical influences
way too many to name but a few are most of psychopathic records most of subnoize records strange music 3se 7se jedi mind tricks immortal technique la coka nostra cypress hill house of pain ill bill flatlinerz rhymesayers ent. shy one koopsta knicca lord infamous t-rock and waaaay to many more to name
What equipment do you use?
too much shit to explain...
Anything else?
check out my boys: w.a.r crooked poet dj rayne da saint killa chris mista gritty southland kings and texas drinking kings
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