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Artist Rapper MYsterioUS
Artist Rapper MYsterioUS
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Artist/Rapaper MYsterioUSa has been writing her own material for many years, it all began back in the 90's when inspiratioanal ideas for new material inspired h
Twisted City Of The Future
Artist/Rapper MYsterioUS is mainly a solo artist however has worked along side other artists and bands in the past, she has written her own lyrics and music and believes it is the best way forward to show origionality. She was inspired by spirit and God to write an Album called "I Am The Alpha And the Omega" back in 1998 to help make a world difference in looking after the planet and people being better people to one another and to look at there errors in life and changing there bad points into good. People who have heard her music have felt it should be out there being distributed to the world, she recently took her music which was sat on her shelf and decided to see if people of the present time would like it, a big response has been a yes, A&R teams have listened to some of her tracks and have given her a superb rating and feel that the time is now to get in the public eye, She also has the opportunity to write for other well known groups and artists that are looking now for new material, MYsterioUS song"Twisted City (Of The Future)" has recently been awarded a platinum and has a very high success of becomming a hit record.
Band/artist history
As a professional Dancer i have been involved with Hitman &Her, Dance Energy, Met K Klass, Happy Mondays, M people Dina Carroll etc on my dance travels and danced on some shows, Ran A Company called Ministry of dance ltd which is re opening its doors very soon, its coming back I am thee owner which I will be helping other unsigned bands get recognised, found by fans and point them to success as this is something I did in my younger days, thought it would benefit people who are not being seen and heard to be seen and heard, as well as doing my music I wanna do something to help others to.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have sang live on the stage when I did a gig with live challenge 99, however never sang my own tracks, did my own cover remix version song which was filmed live for TV.
Your musical influences
I had no musical influence by anyone in particular but I have been born a dancer and loved musicals on TV used to copy the dance moves and songs as a kid growing up. I do not class myself a singer, My voice is not of that, I Rap and also spoken word combined in all what I do in music.
What equipment do you use?
I use synthasisers, keyboards, piano etc
Anything else?
Please show your support, not just for me but to those I put on my Live broadcast shows to get those talented people who are going un discovered notice, look me up at ubroadcast.com fridays, saturdays and sundays 6:30 pm UK time. Thank you