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I'm bringing rap back to real lyricism - multi-syllabic rhyme schemes, punchlines, content. REAL Rap.
Syze was born and raised in the fiercely loyalist estate of Mourneview in Lurgan, Northern Ireland. Opting not to get caught up in the lifestyle of bigotry, violence and drugs, he turned to something else - Hip-Hop. Artists such as Big Pun, The Notorious B.I.G., Big L and Eminem inspired him to pick up a pen and have a go at writing himself. He became obsessed with clever lyricism, punchlines and multi-syllabic rhymes schemes. An affiliate and childhood friend of Northern Ireland's number one rapper, Tha Duke, Syze's first foray into recording came in the summer of 2006 with a verse on Duke's track "Itchy & Scratchy". A track about the dangers of unprotected sex, Syze's verse was witty and biting. The track was featured on Duke's mixtape "Welcome To Lurgan" alongside "One, Two" in which the two traded punchline bars. Having caught the ear of Duke's impressive fan base, Syze branched out and dropped his first solo track "Girls" (followed swiftly by a Duke Remix) and made his imprint on the small but vibrant Irish Hip-Hop scene as well as the internet. Over the course of the next few months he quickly earned the moniker "Punchline King of Ireland" with his series of "Sparring" tracks, each track featuring 32 bars of heavily punchline laden rhymes. The "Sparring" series culminated with its eleventh instalment and the release of the download-only mixtape "Beats, Rhymes And... Syze Vol. 1" in January 2007, as well as further guest appearances on Duke's mixtape "D For Vendetta". The next few years were quiet for Syze as he focused on other things, but he returned in 2010 with guest appearances on two tracks on Duke's mixtape "D-Day". In early 2010 Syze began recording his second mixtape "Syze Matters" which was released in January 2011 and features collaborations with Tha Duke, as well as American Hip-Hop stars DZK and Madness. The mixtape is available for free download at www.syze.co.uk
Band/artist history
I started writing rhymes in 2000 but didn't get behind the mic until the summer of 2006 when I hooked up with Tha Duke. I featured on tracks on two of his mixtapes ("Welcome To Lurgan" and "D For Vendetta") and released my own mixtape (digital download only), "Beats, Rhymes And... Syze Vol. 1"' in January 2007. Following further features on Tha Duke's 2010 mixtape "D-Day", I released my second mixtape "Syze Matters" in January 2011...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not yet. Maybe in the future.
Your musical influences
Big Pun is the greatest lyricist of all time. Big L, Cuban Link, Eminem, Biggie Smalls, 2Pac, Lloyd Banks, Fabolous, Illmaculate, The Saurus, Soul Khan, DZK, Critcal Madness, Rhyme Asylum...
What equipment do you use?
Pro-Tools, iMac, microphone and most important of all - a brilliant mind!
Anything else?
We are Leeds!
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