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little bad boy
little bad boy
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I am a music enthusiast that records rock and electronic music by myself. I sometimes collaborate with other musicians.
Epidemia (A fund raising initiative)
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Drop it (Stock Epiphone Special II Goth version)
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Our World
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Mini Miney
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"Little Bad Boy" is a pseudonym I use as a musician. I used to play in a rock band which may have some influence in my newer music projects. Although I have a different background, I have always admired Yanni, Kitaro, Suzanne Cianni, Paul Van Dyke, and other electronic musicians. Obviously, my musical preference is not only Rock but includes a wide range of musical genre such as rock, metal, new wave, classical, and etc. I have discovered all about electronic music in the 90's when I watched a free Yanni concert in the Philippines.
Band/artist history
I studied piano as a kid. I got interested with synths as a teenager but later on got into guitars and has been playing rock with different bands. One boring night, I tried out a PC with some mixing and loop software. Later on, I experimented doing some MIDI stuff and fell in love with Electronica! I love the development of technology in music production nowadays as it makes it easier and affordable. It makes me able to record my guitar music by myself.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I haven't tried playing live electronica music yet. I even have no idea how to. I haven't even seen a DJ doing his stuff live or have ever been in a club. But I definitely have been playing live with a rock band as a guitarist before.
Your musical influences
I would say, this is electronica in a perspective of a rock musician. I can't say if it's good because I have no idea about the genre but I really enjoyed making up these stuff. In this genre, I adore Paul Van Dyk. I heard DJ Fremen's works and gosh... he's the man!!! CHProject is amazing (look him up too)!
What equipment do you use?
My old rig was a PC, some software and a Zoom MRS4 to mix down stuff when I need to put some guitar parts with a Zoom Guitar Effects. I also have an Alesis SR16 Drum Machine. Right now, thanks to technological developments, my current rig is only a laptop with an Alesis Q47 MIDI keyboard. I use Magix Music Creator 17 and Ableton to make music. But I'd like to quote some words from THE VeG: "It's not the tools you have..it's how you use them."
Anything else?
Please visit little bad boy's rock band at www.soundclick.com/carolaffection
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