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The avoidancy tangent
The avoidancy tangent
3 Tracks
the avoidancy tangent is in a series of connections a different sort of feeling
chirxh sleepy
Peak in sub-genre #92
drawing a mistake concluded in misinformation
Peak in sub-genre #37
into being a control recipient, and studiously going over the same tangent, becoming more of what's for sure, the cases and agreements making room for more in directional opposition in control over vision, in feeling for what's right, what's honored, what's bright, the control you can fight for in doing something already making us certain of who we are, in agreeing to a basic, the avoidancy tangent is all about found sound discourse and agreement to what can only be felt in subtle exchanges, reminding ourselves of who we are, in becoming something else in learning how to deal with the certainties of explosion, the time it takes to make up redundancy realized more modality reasoning what you disagree with what you have realize what we wanted on top of realization, understanding and redone everything, the causes we forget are already gone, the reason we become somehow we'll bow to agreeing reasons we wanted for more the reason we give up, reasoning who we are in concordance with wish, we agree to certainties in projecting unity, becoming something else already, what we're after, becoming what we are in order for reforming the practice, the function, and the basis for reading into the basics of realizing who we are.
Band/artist history
Have you performed in front of an audience?
the avoidancy tangent is trying. very hard.
Your musical influences
my head.
What equipment do you use?
macbook (internal microphone, line in analog cassette and microcassette, reason, korg usb nanokey, sound studio. among other things.
Anything else?
there can be only one alternative.
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