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Da Bing Records llc
Da Bing Records llc
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More than just conscious rap this is TRILL HIP-HOP mixed with reggae, dancehall, R&B, POP, ROCK, etc. YOU know DA BING Records llc is a RECORD LABEL.
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We are DA BING RECORDS LLC, Dirty Doc Productions / Dirty Doc Productions $trudios and $TRICKLY $TREETZ Entertainment.
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Currently the only artist signed to DA BING RECORDS LLC is Tha Mighty Dollar better known as DOLLAR $IGN Cha-Ching!!! Brooklyn raised East New York bread. A true to tha life hustler in tha game. DA BING RECORDS LLC is an up and coming Independent record Label, similar to what Rocafella was before Jay-Z signed to Def Jam Nah more like what Bad Boy Ent. is but still working on becoming a world wide phenom. DA BING RECORDS LLC got started in 2003 the same year we dropped our premier mixtape "BEAT JAKRZ VOL #1" which has been Burning up tha streets ever since. Our New Albums/MixTapes; $trickly $treetz Vol. #7, and Beat Jakrz Vol. #3 Da Mill Ticket are slated to hit streets SOON... Keep an open EYE!!! N E way our mixtapes feature A Trill Brooklyn Knight Str8 outta Homicide Central East New York "DOLLAR $IGN" among other talented artists. DOLLAR $IGN holds DA CROWN down for DA BING RECORDS LLC, East New York Brooklyn and Hip -Hop. DA BING RECORDS LLC is tha treallest team to hit tha forefront of this music industry with explosive lyrics over platinum plus tracks. DOLLAR $IGN has Been doing his thug thizzle in tha streets since a youngin at age 13 Like he stated in a song, "i quit tha crack game for this dope flow." DOLLAR Got inducted into Da Bing Records LLC in '03 and has been sellin crack in tha form of rap ever since. Trying to make it BIG in the Entertainment industry is a long hard struggle and we Lost a few soldiers along tha way call it casualties of war but its like THA MIGHTY DOLLAR said on the follow up to BEAT JAKRZ VOl. #1 BEAT JAKRZ VOL. #1 Pt. 2 "Da game will Drive a NI@@a nuts / Lost most of my team still Ni@@as can't git rid of us." "THEE AMERICAN ICON DOLLAR $IGN/ THA MIGHTY DOLLAR will continue to Ride For tha Streetz for tha slums and ghettos and everyone in tha grind." We now operate three other companies D.D.P. $tudios, Dirty Doc Productions and $trickly $treetz Entertainment. Beat Jakrz Volume II Werk Release hit tha streets in 2009. The next mix tape drops soon until then bang out to classic tracks from Beat Jakrz Vol. #1, Beat Jakrz Vol. #2, $TRICKLY $TREETZ Volume 6 and $TRICKLY $TREETZ The Mix Tape. You can purchase those EXCLUSIVELY by visiting soundclick.com/dabingrecordsllc or by emailing us at dabingrecords@yahoo.com Tha Whole Team Appreciate you all for stopping throu and taking the time to get familiar with DA BING RECORDS LLC, Dirty Doc Productions, $TRICKLY $TREETZ ENT. and Thee American Icon DOLLAR $IGN. Show that You are a Tru fan Please feel free to leave a comment for us and tha whole Music community to read. Don't hesitate to purchase any of the merchandise we are selling CD's and MixTapes, T-shirts, hats and other memorabilia which can all be purchased EXCLUSIVELY by emailing either DABINGRECORDS@YAHOO.COM or DIRTYDOCPRODUCTIONS@GMAIL.COM Don't forget to TELL a FRIEND to TELL a Friend about us. Once again DA BING RECORDS llc would like to extend our thanx We appreciate all tha support. God Bless Always Remember There is no US Without U
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Recorded music provides a listening experience that is unique and rewarding in its own right, and listeners should strive to preserve that. Fans should respect the wishes of the artist. If a musician asks that you pay for an album, you should respect the time and effort that went into its creation, and pay for it. Hands down, the best way to support your favorite artist is financially. Of course, telling your friends about songs and re-tweeting alerts helps, but it does not necessarily enable artists to produce more music. At the end of the day, what good is a fan who tells 1,000 friends about your album if none of them actually buy it?
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