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Salena Kelley
sometimes quiet but always express myself the way I'am at times fun. One with some style to bring to the table
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Call Me Sample - Produced by Demario Hammonds
BIOGRAPHY At Medical Center Hospital in Jersey City, NJ on February 23, 1987 a singer by the name of Salena Kelley was born. R&B songstress Salena Kelley was raised in Henderson, NC since she was five years old and has been singing since she was two. The very first song she learned and sung so often to this very day was '' Real Love'' by Mary J Blige. She listened to alot of Mary J Blidge's music growing up and sang her songs in school talent shows. Listening to the 90's r&b Salena has opened the door to growing a passion for music. At the age of 10 Salena had decided one day after watching the movie '' Selena '' for the very first time it inspired her to be a singer. As the years passed Salena was consistent she even joined chior in school. Along with chior Salena was in step team and sung there too. When she was 15 she began writing songs. The very first song she ever wrote was '' You're The One For Me ''. As a young aldult of 18 Salena went to talent auditions with John Robert Studios and won but couldn't afford to pay for the company's classes. During this time of Salena's life things got rough she got pregnant with her daugther and was working. This caused for music to be on the shelf for a while only to she come back to it off and on. To this day Salena has 2 kids a boy and a girl. July 17, 2009 was the very day Salena took music off the shelf and took it head on with the ups and downs. On July 17, 2009 Salena performed at the RTP IDOL Contest that took place in Cary, NC at a resturant. In 2009 Salena also moved to Raleigh, NC and started to network, record, and perform live. Currently Salena has establish to write many songs, steady performing live, make a good name for herself , soon to release a first single '' Call Me '', collaborate with other local indiependent artist, promote her music online/offline and learn more on the business/administration of the music industry.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes I do Downtown Raleigh at the Pour House
Your musical influences
Mary J Blidge, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Kelly Price, Faith Evans, basicly the 90s rnb singers
What equipment do you use?
my voice
Anything else?
You can also be a fan on my facbook.com/officialsalenapage Follow Me on twitter.com/salena_music See me on the Charts at reverbnation.com/salena Be posted all times on my website salenakelley.com which will launch March 28 2011
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