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Paul Nery
Paul Nery
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Paul Nery was nominated for Best Male Solo artist at the Internet Online Music Awards ( IOMA ) 2005, and won Best Instrumental in 2006. Paul Nery uses NANO 1 an
Paul Nery is the former member of the Brazilian progressive bands "Simbiose" ( 1973-75) and "Zona Franca"( 1976-1982).NOMINATED FOR THE IOMA 2005 (INTERNET ONLINE MUSIC AWARDS) IN THE CATEGORY "BEST MALE SOLO ARTIST"; he also won the IOMA 2006 ( Internet Online Music Award ) for " Best CD Artwork", "Best CD Label Design", and "Best Instrumental" ( for the song "Tales from An Australian Dreamscape"). Also nominated for "Best Artist","Best Male Solo Artist", "Best Composer","Best Collaboration" ( with the great Ed Drury )
Band/artist history
I started back in 1968, when I learned to play guitar and immediately started to write my own songs...I played in some bands, but always liked to play the music I wrote...I still play with some friends, but I prefer to record all instruments myself.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I played live a lot with my bands. Its a great sensation, especially when the crowd is having a good time with your music. For some time I also decided to only sing...great experience also.
Your musical influences
BOB MOOG - without him music would never be like it is today... Bill Nelson ( Be Bop De Luxe, Red Noise), Steve Howe, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton...progressive bands like Renaissance , Yes, Asia, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Recordando o Vale das Macas, Mutantes (Brazil).
What equipment do you use?
Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960, Gibson ES-335, Nighthawk , Epiphone doubleneck, Fender Dobro and mandolin, various guitars with internal GK hexaphonic pickups , GUITAR SYNTHS: Roland VG-8 EX, Roland GR-09 , GR-20 and GR-33, Keyboards:KORG i3, Moog synthesizer , Roland Juno-G, Roland Sonic Cell, Yamaha DX-100.
Anything else?
For the curious ones, the instrument in the photo is an indian sitar...its sound is beautiful, although I currently use guitar synths to simulate it, much easier to get the right tuning... You should also check the pages of my old (&new) bands: www.soundclick.com/zonafranca www.soundclick.com/simbiose www.soundclick.com/mamaodesacorcoado www.soundclick.com/thenerycammackproject
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