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Hard Working Labor Band. Quality time on the Dance Floor! We are Stevedore.
Stevedore Isn't People; It's Music. To put simply, Stevedore is collaboration of art, music, and love. Many has tried to categorize these musics into some kind of a cage, but it is not possible. This is because these music is wild and not able to be tamed; and because love overpowers any cage, and any time, and any small minded person. Of course, there are people making up Stevedore. Their names are Jeff Richardson and Steve Sweetko. When these two started making musics together, it is like some firework or something. They bringing together jazz, dance, hip-hop, rock, disco, and every other musics you can imagine. It's these cultural and geo-politisophical elements that really define the sounds that these band makes. Another of the ingredients that makes Stevedore is passion. Without this ingredient any of music lacks any good drive. The passions that power the musics of Stevedore are happiness and love and passion. But there is no love without pain, and no happiness without suffering. When many of today's major musicians roll over and die from starvation the musics of Stevedore will live on! Wilhelm Kalbfleisch
Band/artist history
THE HISTORY OF STEVEDORE: From the mean streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma are the duo known as Stevedore. It was this environment that created a nodule of musical beginnings in their hearts. With time this nodule grew into a protuberance, and then a knot, and eventually into the mountain that we know it as today. Though various members has come and gone, the current line-up is the original and more devoted of any. Are there times when they looks back on the pasts and wonder what could have been? Sure. Do they wonder what holds in the future? Of course. But they are willing and able to face it with vim and vigor.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Tulsa, OK. See website for booking
Your musical influences
We are love of Unwed Sailor, New Order, and Mr. Bungle. There are things we admire, here.
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