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Frank Fogg
Frank Fogg
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Frank Fogg has been around music and recording since he was a child, performing as a bass and guitar player. Starting out as a street singer in Cleveland, Ohio,
has been around music and recording since he was a child, performing as a bass and guitar player. Starting out as a street singer in Cleveland, Ohio, he has performed onstage throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania for over 25 years with a number of Rock, Rockabilly and Country bands including , , , , , , , , and in addition to solo performances in North Coast coffee houses and jam nights.
Band/artist history
put together his first solo instrumental album titled in 2008. This was soon followed by two new albums and . All of his music is self-composed, self-performed and self-produced (what a lonely life!!) with Frank playing synthesizers, bass, guitars and e-percussion with an occasion vocal sprinkled in.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Well, I've done about 350 live shows so far in Ohio and Pennsylvania playing a variety of Rock, Rockabilly, Blues, and Country (not counting all the street performances, solo gigs or jam nights). I'm not doing any live shows right now with Reaction 7 due to several surgeries on my arms and shoulders (you can see one of them on the cover of the Flok album) and probably won't do any of the techno/electronica live unless I hook up with another keyboard based musician. Maybe in the future. Any true believers out there wanna do something?
Your musical influences
I grew up in the bedroom next to the band in the 60's so I got a variety of rock and folk stuff in my ears awake and asleep. While playing with cover bands, I got my first exposure to country music and that still influences my songwriting today. Nowadays, I mostly listen to sat radio or internet streams with Alternative and Electronica formats high on the list. I'm also listening to shortwave both on shortwave radios and on sat radio.
What equipment do you use?
I'm currently using a variety of Korg, Yamaha and Roland synths along with a few little top secret extras. Post production is on PC.
Anything else?
Well, we all have lots of stories. Like the time the rental smoke machine malfunctioned and once we got it turned off, seeing the fire department arriving. Or that time I invited all of the current and ex-girlfriends and wives to the same show. Not smart! Or that time the lead guitar player had the heart attack at the VFW and had to be life flighted out of there. Or those shows (yes they happen sometimes) when there's only the barmaid and NOBODY else to listen. Or those shows where you can see 'em fighting out in the crowd but there's too many people for them to get close enough to you. Or the time we played Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound (David Allan Coe) for the bridal dance (at the request of the bridal party!) What do you get when its all over? A big address book full of fun names and a big head full of fun memories.
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