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Bill Bradley
Bill Bradley
4 Tracks
It is impossible to classify my-self into one genre. I love playing different styles of guitar, classical (Spanish) being my favorite. On drums, well that'
Lapeer Mi. OutLaws 12-U 2011
Bill Bradley is the drummer, guitarist, pianist, bassist, singer, arranger, composer, writer, producer/mixer on all of the tracks featured on this soundclick page. Most recent project band Bottom Feeders are currently in the studio recording tracks for theyre up coming (spring2012) release, "older...but no wiser".
Band/artist history
Love to play with my-self, and others...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play mostly in Michigan now days, unless we run across that sweet deal that cant be passed up.
Your musical influences
Vast and wide. Orchestra in High School, blues, jazz,pop,rap. Pretty much any music I have heard has an influence on me. Music is a vibration....let it move you!
What equipment do you use?
I have (2) Tama drum kits, as well as a '68 Ludwig I recently acquired. Mostly Zyldjian cymbals (some Paiste). I play a Les Paul Deluxe (star burst), a somewhat hot- rod'ed ESP Strat. style (lime green), Guild classical, Martin acoustic.
Anything else?
Studio equipment: Currently using a Dell 4 Gig (Insprion), (2) Firepod Interfaces, G.T 66 tube, Cubase studio 4 software, Audix drum mic.s, Monster Cables, Fostex E-22 1/2" tape deck, Heath&Allen mix-wizard.
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For what its worth but im okay