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Leo Dean
Leo Dean
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Tropical Tunes , Redneck Blues and baby boomer ballads
Down on the river.mp3
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I love the south
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Going To The Big City
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Down in old Key West
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I grew up by the ocean and can't live without it. I need palm trees and sand between my toes. I need that ocean breeze and the smell of salt air. My latest CD, my 3rd, is about the things I love and me getting back to my musical roots. My last CD was written with Cap't Ron T. Smith and two of my favorite songs with his lyrics are included on "I Got it Made!".
Band/artist history
I met my songwriting partner Cap'n Ron via the internet and we do most of our writing online. Cap'n Ron can still write some of the most compelling and heart felt lyrics I have ever read. But like real life, we move along, and Ron and I will continue create together, but this time it's my turn to try to write the magic mojo that Ron does so well.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I live near the ocean in south-east Georgia and live outdoor gigs go for as long as 10 months out of the year.
Your musical influences
From the tear-stained stage of the Grand Ole Opry to the bright lights of Bourbon Street to the dusty backroads jukejoints of the Delta - I soak it all in. But John Prine, Hank Williams (all 3), Jimmy Buffett, Hasil Adkins and Jesco White have all been major influences as well as my partner Cap'n Ron who writes all the lyrics.
What equipment do you use?
My main weapon of choice is a 1966 Gibson J-45 guitar and my voice. My playlist is over a 1,000 songs and I work many private and corp. events. I do a lot of Beach music and motown and I also cover many classic country tunes. I've been called The Human Jukebox!...well actually, I've called lots of things :-)
Anything else?
Our music will be featured in the soon to be released cult documentary GREETINGS FROM BOONE COUNTY that features Hasil Adkins, Jesco White, GWAR, Wes Freed and Cap'n Ron himself! More info at www.HasilAdkins.com & CafeMojo.org
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