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Gee-Spot Productions Inc.,GFUNK Entertainment: Diverse Musicians, Singers and affiliates. Smooth Jazz,Chill Music,Lounge Music,Hip-Hop,Jazz/Funk,Fusion,Latin Ja
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Gee-Spot Productions Inc./GFUNK Entertainment:Diverse Musicians, Singers and Affiliates. "The GMAN's Electric Bass Guitar style is a throw-back to the Legendary Bassist Stanley Clarke, Played with the passion of Legendary Guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan, all intertwined with Jazz, R&B, Funk and Rock Elements. Bassist GMAN, "One of the World's Best Bassist!" Rooted in the Past, living in the Present, and looking towards the Future. GMAN's diversity rises here with some of the Illess Street & Trend setting sounds happening today"
Band/artist history
The GMAN's Electric Bass Guitar style is a throw-back to The Legendary Bassist Stanley Clarke. Played with the passion of Lengendary Guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan, all intertwined with Jazz, R&B, Funk, and Rock elements... Born Gerald L. Smith Sept. 2, 1960 in Newark New Jersey, was given a radio at age 4 from his mother,(An accomplished Gospel & Jazz Pianist)and by the age of 12 he began playing electric guitar jamming with neighborhood friends til the age of 16.At this age he was given the opportunity to work stage crew for the groups:Earth,Wind & Fire, Ramsey Lewis, and The Emotions at Newark Schools Stadium in the summer of 1976.This was the juice that sweetened the taste of music for GMAN and for the love of the Bass Guitar. He began playing this instrument throughout his High School years, Performing in local Talent Shows Colleges,Spring & Summer Concerts, His love for R&B, Funk, and Rock was evident.Then at the age of 17 his Father,(A lover of Jazz & Funk) introduced him to one of his close friends, A stocky-built,long haired Bassist,with short stubby fingers and clawed like hands from North Newark- named:William "EARL" Martin. Playing the sounds of Stanley Clarke and Stanley's group: "Return To Forever" on his Sunburst color Fender Jazz Bass. Once GMAN heard this cat played,GMAN made a vow to learn to play like him. This in turn brought on the love for jazz. By age 18 GMAN turned semi-pro and his Father bought him his first Professional Bass Guitar.A Gibson "Ripper" Bass and GMAN began recording with various local Bands in various local recording studios.At age 20 he met local group Guitarist Richard Miller and Richard's Best friends;Gene"O"Thomas jr. and brother Keith Thomas,(The P-Funk Brothers)Gene and Keith's Father Grady "Grade A" Thomas is an original member of ParliamentFunkadelic. This sparked the PFunk style in GMAN and spawned an array of groups:- Natural Force, U.niversal S.tructual Beat, The Electric Connection, Shade 2,Qaddara,(Kad-darah) J.A.G., Unfinished Business to name a few.At the age of 30, GMAN took his talents to the next level,he had his hands already in producing,However, Hip-Hop was there waiting to take flight.He began Producing some Hip-Hop talents in the local areas of New Jersey,Artist:"BabyGirl",(sign to Perfect Pair Records in 1992)GMAN also had a cameo appearance in The "BabyGirl Stompin" video completed by Ready or Not Productions Inc.(NYC) GMAN also recorded Battle Rhymes for "Poppa Bear",(1992-93 Hip-Hop Seminar World Champion). In 1999 GMAN appeared as a "Panel Judge" at the 20th Annual Rap Masters Competitions held at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark,N.J. with Host; Dj"Hard Hittin"Harry and returned to NJPAC in 2000 as "Bassist" for Folk R&B singer "Chinua Hawk" at the "Summer Jazz Concert" series,In 2003 GMAN appeared "In Concert" at The Cultural Realism Vision Center in Darlington South Carolina with Host "dj Bhakti Larry Hough from radio station 94.3 (Magic 94)" . In 2005 GMAN reached #1 on mp3.com in Austrailia for his "GMAN:THE JAZZMAN Vols. 1&2" Albums in the "Jazz Fusion" Category and reached among "Top Ten" in Jazz Charts on imgifted.com isound.com in the United Kingdom. In 2006 GMAN appeared in Concert at Monti Irving/Orange Park, New Jersey for the Pre-Independence Day Jazz Festival with an All-Star Line up and announced on radio station WQCD(CD101.9 FM). GMAN was"Sound Engineering" Live in Concert for "The Legendary Blue Notes" and 2007 Live Sound Recording for Legendary Singing Diva "Melba Moore" for her "Honoree Alumni Celebration" at Peshine ave School Newark,New Jersey. In 2008 Again reaching#1 & 2 in the "Jazz Fusion" Category on www.SongVault.com's "Song Showcase". GMAN knew at this point,music,like Hip-Hop is the way of life and the Soul Voice of his musical projections.Along the way GMAN has worked with countless Artist, Song Writers, Producers,- Musicians,and Audio Engineers.GMAN is the cousin of the successful Movie Actor:Centry "Akili" Prince.His credits are as follows: He is the Originator of the role of "Terrence" on the soap opera "All My Children" on ABC,in 1992,He was a feature character in "Die Hard III",with "Bruce Willis".He was "Tipi" In "Porgie & Bess",Road Company,1980-81,He was also Lead Character in PBS "Runaways".He was featured on "The Cosby INVALID in the segment"For Men Only",and in the mid 80's he was "Little Richie" on "Pryor's Place". GMAN has recorded with such artist:GhostFace-Killah,Raekwon,Cappadonna,(members of Wu-Tang Clan)Norman "Storm" Bell,(member of: Wu-Tang Killah Bees,Purfek Storm Production/Management,G-Unit Management),Hip-Hop Recording Artists:Omega,Mafia:Tha- Haitian Sicilian,Hard Hittin Harry,(Meridian Entertainment,Former members of The Fugees)to Singer/Actress Elain B. Lockler,Native Trinity,Kenny & Sabrina Johnston,(Perfect Pair Records),Hip-Hop Recording Artist "Fierce"(WrekHouse Wrekords), Rayvon,(Bigyard Records),Brad Johnson & The Night People,Dave "SQUIGGY" Biglin,(member of the Rock group "Joey & The Works",Garfunkel,The Tonight Show), DJ Lazy K,- Tanya Diona,(Vocalist Winner at The Apollo Theater NYC),Rapper/Singer/Actor-Andre Moore- a.k.a. 14K,(Star in the Motion Picture "New Jersey Drive")Song Writers Mervin & Jean Steals Lorne Rawls,Diana Young,(Member of the groups- "Young & Company" and the original Funk band "SLAVE")Clarence Burke,(The Invisible Man's Band)and the list goes on... The reflections of opportunities performing,song writing,and collaborating with these Artist,Producers,Musicians,and Song Writers has enable GMAN to embarked on taking his credentials to the next level as an established International Artist. GMAN plays on a customized Fender"70's Classic" Jazz Bass Guitar,Fender Bullet bass Deluxe Guitar,Gibson "The Ripper" Bass Guitar, TUNE WNB43 Elec. Bass Guitar,Carlo Robelli elec./acous.Bass Guitars,(4-string,4-string fretless,6-string,8-string, and acous.3/4 Upright)Samick 5-string Bass Guitar, Staccato electric custom Bass Guitar Ibanez Blazer Guitar, Peavy Predator Guitar,Akai,Casio,Ensoniq,Korg,and Roland Digital Keyboards,Alesis,and Yamaha Digital Drum Machines,African,Latin,and Modern Percussions, Hartke amps.w/Hartke & SWR cabs. GMAN is a Graduate from The Institute Of Audio- Research in NYC for Recording Engineering & Music Production.GMAN also has a diploma in Electronics and has worked in the electronics field Professionally for 13 years as an Electronics Technician. GMAN's latest CD's-GMAN:THE JAZZMAN Vol.1,Vol. 1.3 ,Vol.2,GMAN:The Early Years Of Hip-Hop and GMAN:"The Spirit Of The Youth" are now released. Look out for GMAN's NEXT CD's "BrickCity Beatz" in June 2005,GMAN:"The Corridors Of Life" in April 2006,BRICK CiTy BeaTz 2 in July 2006,and GMAN:THE JAZZMAN Vol.3 in Dec.2006,2016 GMAN-Sound Scores,2017 GMANOLOGY:Mister COOL.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes,live is great,Especially in large areanas, and outdoor concert events. The more people, the more musical energy! Special moments are Perfect Modes, When a vocalist is transcending his or her singing to the next level of musical instrument progressions, allowing the instruments to accent, solo, and/or modulate the songs mode!
Your musical influences
The GMAN influences are:William E. Martin, Stanley Clarke, James Brown, Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius, Earth,Wind & Fire, Ramsey Lewis, The Emotions, Quincy Jones, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Phil Collins, Bob Marley & The Whailers, Wu-Tang Clan, The Fugees/Refugees Camp, Slave, Slave Family of Funk, Aurra, De'ja, Cameo, Kool & The Gang, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Public Enemy, Ice T, Ice Cube, Parliment/Funkadelic, AeroSmith, The Stones and a host of others.
What equipment do you use?
A host of name brands they all sound great when I tweak to the Peak of my Master Mixing(It's not what you have, It's how well you can use what you have).
Anything else?
Yes,To My Mom & Dad,(Virgo+Cancer=Virgo) I could'nt have been a more Beautiful Baaaby!! To all my viewers and listeners to purchase GMAN's Music right here at SoundClick.com/GMANgerald http://www.cdbaby.com/all/gmangerald Music Video- GMAN: COOL FEMALES http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CesSPUF7sZo Music Video- GMAN: The Passion http://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=RpjECTXwj6Q http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage INVALID INVALID INVALID p?id=pcmcat68000050003&type=category http://www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/886133-gman-the-spirit-of-the-youth http://www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/683234-gman-the-jazzman-vol http://www.globalinventure.com/rock/80s_rock/gman_gman_the_jazzman_vol_1html http://www.collegemusicradio.com/index.cfm?method=musicdetail&id=1657 http://payplay.fm/gmanmusic http://www.songvault.fm/artists/gmangerald.htm http://www.myspace.com/gmangerald1 http://www.myspace.com/116702543 http://www.nowhereradio.com/GMANgerald http://www.ArtistServer.com/GMANgerald http://www.artistlaunch.com/artist.asp?artistid=10481 Also checkout these other websites http://www.KidAntrimMusic.com http://www.audiostreet.net/gmangerald http://www.besonic.com/GeraldGMANSmith http://www.thecurvyzone.com http://www.musicbuilder.com/GMANgerald http://www.soundlift.com/GMANgerald Tony Bell: http://www.SoundClick.com/TonyBell Miss Chaos: http://www.misschaos.q.27.de/ https://www.facebook.com/gerald.g.smith.3 Cheryl- The Pearl; https://www.facebook.com/cherylthepearlmusic/videos/1262827290422373/?fallback=1 http://www.isound.com/music/gmangerald http://www.mp3.com.au/GMANgerald http://www.starpolish.com/gmangerald http://www.ElectronicScene.com/GMANgerald http://www.sonicgarden.com/sonic-web/artist.cfm?artistid=15762 http://www.mp3.com/artist/gmangerald http://www.reverbnation.com/gmangerald http://www.last.fm/user/GMANgerald http://www.ourstage.com/profile/gmangerald http://www.songramp.com/GMANgerald http://newmusic.clearchannel.com/artist/gmangerald http://www.with-the-band.com/musicworld/GMANgerald http://www.musichypeonline.com/GMANgerald http://www.talentmatch.com/GMANgerald http://www.searchmpthree.com/gmangerald http://www.mp3lizard.com/gmangerald http://artistgigs.com/artist.pl?id=3099 http://www.banduniverse.com/Search.efm?Action=Select&ArtistKey=16622073 http://www.broadjam.com/artists/artistindex.asp?artistID=9754 http://www.bandvillage.com/GMANgerald https;//www.facebook.com/fhilgood/