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cypher divine
cypher divine
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This is the Alpha Omega of this rap and hip hop shit...
"The pen is mightier than the sword," with that being said CDE (Cypher Divine Entertainment) knows and understands that hip-hop and any form of musical writing is a platform... Meaning which it is only the beginning for a natural writer.. A lot of these so called artist aren't telling you that.. Writing, which is the form of putting your thoughts on to paper in an in a conceptual and intellectual form (my meaning of course), is being able to grab the reader or the audience and take them on the journey of a lifetime.. A feeding, growing, nurturing process which is no longer heard in rap or hip hop music.. When we write, were not just writing for those hip hop heads or present events.. We are relating testimonies and situations that are around the world.. Events that have no conception of time, (past, present, future) meaning which it always be relevant to the avid listenerlearner... In short, the absence of the mind is the absence of life.. With no brain there would be no reason to ponder.. We are no more than modern day theologists and philosophers, studying our own behaviors that we still cant control 2,000 years after the timeline was invented...phew... Writers are supposed to stimulate, open, lift, frustrate and teach its listeners, not lead them astray... Somebody needs to pray for us, because at this point we are the prey... www.reverbnation.com/cypherdivine
Have you performed in front of an audience?
we have, not lately tho...
Your musical influences
so many artists, so little time...
What equipment do you use?
computers, programs, pianos, keyboards, mpc's..
Anything else?
u can also download the mixtape at kickasstorrents.com under cypher divine, we would really appreciate it only takes a few minutes and the best part is that its free...
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